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    Not every post on Facebook are meant to garner likes!

    Has Facebook changed our interpretation of the word like? Have we lost the power of understanding the way we need to react to particular situations? Has a 'Like' been just reduced to an acknowledgment? Let us be true to ourselves and discuss this issue in this thread.

    Sometimes it's awful how people become insensible by blindly liking certain posts on Facebook. I had noticed this very often when someone posts about a dear friend or family who passed away they would like that post instead of paying respect or condolences to the family.

    How should we perceive when people like the posts of someone who has passed away? Are they trying to say that they are happy about the post? That's what the like button is meant for.

    How you ever liked such posts on social media? Are we being insensible and insensitive or are we just blindly hitting like to every post as we scroll down?
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    It will give us a thought that people are becoming like machines without any feelings or thoughts. As soon as they a see a post from a friend they may just hit on like even without reading the content of the post. It happens many times. These days people are in always hurrying. Whatever they start they have to finish quickly. They never give sufficient time for the act. So all these misdeeds are happening. When they a posting about the demise of somebody they can put a comment" RIP". But it takes a little time. So as they want to inform his friend that he has seen the post. For that, the easiest way is to press the like button.
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    There are some people who want to show there presence in the media even by doing foolish clicking on various like or ??buttons.

    These buttons were basically provided for giving ones verdict on the subject matter or opinion about the event. Simply clicking them senselessly is an abuse of the media.

    If I tell someone that today I have liked 10 posts in facebook what does it mean? Some companies may be getting revenue from those indiscriminate 'likes' is another story.

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    I am totally averse to Likes concept on the Facebook and instead feel to register my comment and the author feels elated and would respond immediately. Some years back when I shared the death of my father, instead of comments more likes were seen. And those who have seen the Facebook post about my father's death , they preferred to talk to me on cell phone rather than sharing likes or commenting on the social network. And I also do not like the attitude of the people who share personal information on the social media and expects likes or comment. In the course of time they become laughing stock.
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    For me Facebook is truly a Face-Book without emotions, where everyone is trying to show off. And likes are like how one earns points in computer games. The more likes the more famous you are.

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    Some people have an habit of liking all the posts they see on facebook. Like that some people also like these passed away posts also. It really looks very odd and as they like that person's death. Instead of liking all posts, one should share or comment in those posts.

    And some people also share their personal pictures and personal details too often, which is also not good for them. There will be always someone who are watching our all activities and can make some thing wrong to us, by seeing details on facebook. So one must always be careful while posting personal things on social networks. We should use social network site to some extent, not beyond that.


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    People on social sites can become insensitive because of the mismatch of the content and the remarks or likes. A post about the death of a person should normally have comments like sorry to hear, Rest in peace etc. Instead when you find likes, it may be a sub conscious use of the clicks by habit or the sheer loss of sensitivity about the content on the social site.

    Similar things happen on what's app groups. When a senior or elder posts a serious issue, some replies would be with emoticons that are angry. This also is insensitive. So, its partly due to the habit and addiction to likes. This can be changed by just a moment's thought to type something appropriate rather than signs and likes.

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    People are being used as guinea pigs by Facebook and WhatsApp like social media. These sites being portrayed as social media are actually business analytics tools to gather people's preferences and likings for marketing purposes. China has not allowed Facebook because, it don't want its people’s likings and preferences for products to be surveyed and later used for pushing foreign goods for sale within its boundary.

    Have you ever wondered as to why there is no fee associated with the use of Facebook or WhatsApp? They earn revenue by sharing data with the marketing companies and by displaying advertisements according to the individual's preferences and likings.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I agree with the author and I also feel odd when I found such types of like. People unknowingly like every news and every share without thinking. And I could not understand how can people take selfies with a dead person and share it on the Facebook or Instagram. Where are we going? Is it our culture? And how can people like these types of posting?
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    These day people became robot they don't even understand what their like means they only show that they are concern about the person. people also start the conversation on Facebook. apart from it they never talk to each other over the telephone but they start talking over the facebook.
    people never think what are they posting? what will its impact? we also find people who are badly addicted to social media, every time they down their head and watching their phone. in my opinion, social media is not making us socially involved. its only money making business. the new generation is badly addicted to it.

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    Facebook provide a platform wherein the user can share the light moment of their life which they may not find confident while they are in face to face with others. Few users also help in extending the viewing of a dubious elements of a society which leads in helping the law to find solve certain cases. An example could be that a small child got stolen by a goon & someone took a picture & shared on Facebook. The sharing was so much that this reaches to the original parents or to a police & as a result the child was handed over to the parents safely.

    The above is also important as the positive aspects of Social Networking like a Facebook.

    Now the case of sharing & the likings as an acknowledgment but the same without proper study is something that shouldn't have the part of this. Depending on the users we will always face such things. Someone is dead but instead liking those would be the most funniest part that one can experience. We can't stop this so better to ignore.

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