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    How is Hyderabad in terms of private company job opportunities?

    How is Hyderabad in terms of private company job opportunities? How is the living cost ?
    I will be going to Hyderabad solo.
    How is the people of Hyderabad generally?
    Which community forms the majority ?
    How much time will it take to buy a flat there?
    What's the cost of a small flat in Hyderabad ?
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    Welcome to Hyderabad, Hyderabad is a good place to live. The people here are very good and helpful. It is a cosmopolitan city with different people from different states and countries. The city is not very costly.

    There are many private Organisations in Hyderabad. Many pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, chemical companies, electrical companies and mechanical workshops are there. You can try for a job basing on your qualification and experience. There are many medium and small size companies which may offer jobs but nor very good paymasters.
    Then coming to flats and their rates, it depends on the area you select. Hyderabad is a very long city. The distance may be minimum 90 KMs from one end to the other end. There are places where an apartment is going to cost you up to Rs.8o,00,00/- and there are areas where you may get an apartment for Rs.25,00,000/-. Basing on your financial capability and area of living the cost will be decided. The traffic is very heavy and it is always advisable to stay near the workplace. Otherwise you will lose a lot of time in commuting itself.
    If you are coming alone there are many PGs where you can stay for about Rs.6000/- to Rs.8000/- rupees including room rent, morning breakfast and dinner. Lunch may not be provided.

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    You are most welcome to stay and work in Hyderabad. The cost of living depends on your catch for adjustment and live moderately. You can survive with Idly for 20 rupees with two plates on road side eateries or 2 idlies for 60 rupees in a big hotel. Like wise rented accommodation for bachelor as paying guest is available from 4500 to 9000 rupees based on locations and facilities. Two or three like minded persons can rent a apartment for rupees 8000 to 10,000 per month on good locations or near to office. By the way where are you getting posted so that I shall guide you the right place to live and work.
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    #628671: Sir, Thank you for the answer. I have just started to think of coming to Hyderabad. I am at home. Please message me your email id so that i can contact you as soon as i reach Hyderabad.

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