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    Request to reconsider my rejected article

    One of my articles is rejected at ISC and the remark of the editor is, "Poor quality, with mere repetition of content." Please provide me one chance to change the repeated sentences. I have done hard work before writing. So, please reconsider my article and guide me what to do next. The link to the article is :
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    Please look at the matter.
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    Mr Hakimuddin, the reason for rejection of your article has been clearly specified. Please understand.
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    Mr. Hakimuddin: I would suggest you to extensively edit the rejected article, correct the mistakes and submit the article as a new article. If it is your own article, it would surely be approved.

    I hope, the article is there in your own folder on your computer.

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    Thanks, Mr Partha for your advice. I will do the same and will upload by editing the article as new one.
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