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    Do you try to stop a rumour from spreading further?

    We often hear rumours about someone. Usually, rumours will be spread out of jealousy or certain misunderstanding will give birth to a rumour. Sometimes, u share a secret with someone and that person might spread it adding unwanted extra contents. What will you do when you hear a rumour about a person you know very well? Will you just listen to it and keep quiet or will you try to stop that person from spreading it more by clearing the misunderstands about that person to someone who is sharing it with you?
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    I am personally against spreading rumours. I will not against anybody if the matter is not confirmed. If somebody tries to tell me something bad about others I ask him whether he is sure of what he is telling. I request not to carry such unproved statements from one to other. There is a poem in Telugu which gives a meaning that if many persons are telling a news it will become true. So no one should talk bad things about others without completely knowing the truth.
    A son fooled his father two times saying that a tiger came near to him. The father got annoyed and when really the tiger came also the father not believed his son and the tiger killed the son. So if people know that you are spreading rumours even though you tell truth they may not believe you. So don't be a part of spreading rumours.

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    Yes, if I am convinced r even have a slight doubt about it, I do not further spread it. If it is a whatsapp message, I simply delete it and may note and post that I doubt the veracity of it and hence readers may be cautious and avoid spreading it.

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    It is human nature to spread rumours, often to belittle their competitors though there are many other types of rumours as well. We often come across rumours about affairs of cine personalities and even political leaders and such other things. It is said that sometimes rumours about romantic affairs between lead actors and actresses are circulated deliberately for promotion of forthcoming movies.

    Generally, within any college campus, rumours are spread about affairs between two students of opposite gender by the failed aspirants of the attention of the girl student. Communal tensions leading even to violence are also escalated by circulating rumours by the anti-social elements.

    I personally hate people who cause to spread rumours of any kind. Generally, presence of such persons can be easily identified in any social group and accordingly due precautions can be taken to maintain a distance with such unscrupulous persons.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    When we are in public contact, we are bound to be connected with rumours and even facts also. I wont give credence to rumours, unless and until I am convinced about the news or the happenings. What I believe that when I am in public glare and have sufficient number of people spread across the city, what ever happens strange or unusual would be known within seconds. But if the rumour accompanies with image or video we are bound to believe. But I seldom care the views and news coming on whatsapp social media which are sometimes fabricated to fool others. Better not to spread the rumour from our side.
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    Yes, I try to stop rumour when it reaches to me. Many people have a habit to share the content even without reading. Whatsup has increased the rumour as people unknowingly or knowingly share the content to the group and the news reaches to hundreds of people within the second. I always self-analyse the report or news before sharing with any group. So, people should be conscious before sharing any rumour and find the truthness of the before sharing on any social media.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    Rumor always have the attention of people, a simple fact that is wrongly perceived would be given various shapes and shades that would circulate endlessly. I stay away from this, when I hear it repeated from various sources, I try to see is there any substance in it. I do not go around discussing the same.

    In what's app, I get many forwards like online election going for a particular place of faith, voting for a particular regilion, I don't just forward or respond to it. It's very easy to be dragged into a conversation and start spreading rumours about a person, colleague, boss or a firm. But, when we are the subject of it, we realise the adverse impact about rumours.

    There have been actors who have to give a live interview to say that they are very much alive because rumours of their untimely death would have started in social media. The most dangerous ones that we should not get involved is rumors that can instigate communal violence and tarnish the image and character of an individual.

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    The effort from our side to stop rumors is just not to pass the rumor/matter further to others.

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    Every right-thinking citizen knows that he/she should not spread a rumour. And if anybody understands that a rumour is being spread, he/she would not fall prey to it. What is there to discuss?
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    I am of the opinion that the rumors shouldn't given any place in our life. This only creates confusions & may result in even break-ups so manage it in a most appropriate way possible.

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    Some people enjoy rumours and work as a catalyst to spread them further. Rumours create a lot of misunderstanding and confusions.

    I feel that as a good citizen we must not spread any rumour rather try to stop them wherever possible.

    In fact, rumours are created by immature minds. These are childish activities and a mature and wise person will never go for it.

    Knowledge is power.

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