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    The Bicycle Man

    "Daddy, daddy" came running little Varun with a toy green cycle in his hand. He jumped on his father Ramesh's lap and asked, "Is it your name carved on the back of the man cycling? Are you Ramesh, The Bicycle Man?"

    "Yes, dear." His father replied." Do you want to hear the story why my name is written on this toy?"

    "Yes daddy!"

    "Well, you are seeing me now as a postal assistant in our post office. But I was once a bicycle man. My family was very poor. I had to do something after I passed higher secondary. Somebody took me to Mr. Vikramjeet. He owned a few bicycles, which he rented to people like us. We used to ride those bicycles for 6-7 days a week at a stretch."

    "That means, you didn't get off the bicycle at all? Where did you eat and drink?"

    "Yes Varun, we ate, drank on the bicycle. We could sleep on a bed though, but that too for 2 hours or so. This is a very popular game show in our and some nearby villages. The challenge is that you can't touch the ground until that duration of a week finishes. Mr. Vikramjeet would get the total entry fee paid by the onlookers. He would give us some amount of that fee each day as a salary."

    "This was sometime in December, 2011. It was the last day of my bicycle ride that week. In the evening I went to a nearby public toilet. Then I went to meet Mr. Vikramjeet, took my payment and finally returned home. At home when I removed the black lunch carrier at the back of my cycle and opened it, I saw diamonds sparkling in it. I was so shocked that I fell unconscious on the floor. When I gained back my senses, I thought of going to the police. My family members agreed. We didn't want to own something we didn't earn. The policemen took the carrier from my house for further investigation. Later I came to know from the policemen, that few smugglers went to the same public toilet that I went to that evening. They mistook my cycle to be theirs, as both are more or less similar looking. They took my cycle instead of theirs, and rode off. They all got caught. The government was pleased with my honesty and presence of mind. The government gave me this job of postal assistant and gave me this toy with my name engraved on it. This is a very popular toy in our village.

    "Waw, my daddy superman!", Exclaimed Varun. Suddenly Varun screamed, "Daddy, see diamonds." There were few very tiny bright jewels, almost looking diamonds in the black carrier at the back of the toy. "Oh that! That's another story dear. I will tell you that another day. Ramesh left the room with a smirk in his face.

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    A good story. The poor man showed his good mentality by offering the diamonds back to the police which gave him a good job. Very nicely narrated. People with good morals and ethics will definitely get the reward any one way or other.
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    A nice story of hardwork, honesty and its recognition by the authorities. I've seen these cycle riders at village festivals in TamilNadu, wherein they will be cycling slowly from morning to night.

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    A different story told in a understanding way. One thing what is learned from the story that honesty and hard work wont go waste and that must be our integral part of life.
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    This beautiful story reminds me of a man during my childhood who used to continue cycling for 48 hours or 72 hours at a stretch. He used to perform various dangerous poses on his bicycle. He used to do this to earn money for his ailing, old parents. Ultimately the man died while attempting some poses on his cycle which involved cycling inside a burning place.
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