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    How do you feel this type of intolerant incidents caused by people of BJP cadre?

    After establishing a historic win in Tripura, BJP party workers demolished Lenin statue in Agartala with Bulldozers. Violence spread through out the state where BJP workers attacking CPIM party offices and CPIM party workers. Mr.Subrahmanya Swamy of BJP supported the demolishion of Lenin statue because Lenin as a foreigner. Mr.Modi expected to attend sworn in ceremony of BJP government on 8th of this month. Top BJP leader of Tamilnadu, Mr.Raja reminded that Periar statue also will be removed as that of Lenin statue in Tripura today. There are so many such intolerant calls given by people of BJP cadre every day are in news media. So do you think we have to adjust ourselves to such intolerance calls in order to see Acche din a head?
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    So far as Tripura is concerned, I would like to submit the following:-

    (a) The dismantling of Lenin statue has taken place at Belonia, a small town in South Tripura. It is not anywhere near to Agartala. But people who don't have much knowledge about North-East, think Agartala and Belonia are same.
    (b) In Belonia, tribal people are considerable in number. These simple-minded people are very emotional. Dismantling of the statue is a symbolic act against violent repression by left parties at least for last ten years.
    (c) There is no evidence that BJP cadres (not cader) are responsible for this act.
    (d) Technically speaking, if this is a law & order problem, we must hold Manik Sarkar-led caretaker Government responsible for not preventing this act.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The truth of the incident should be known then only we can criticize some particular party. Otherwise, it is not correct. Still, the matter is not clear. The post and the first response are not in agreement. So I think to make comments on the incident by some other leaders making a particular party responsible is not fair. so let us wait for the facts to be known for passing on comments against the people and parties.
    always confident

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    Furthermore, as far as I know, a BJP worker from a reserved community was attacked by left goons with sharp weapons. The man is seriously wounded and is presently in hospital in critical condition. In fact, Tripura CPI(M) leader Pabitra Kar has admitted that their supporters retaliated and attacked the BJP workers.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Any type of violence is not good for a civil society. There may be many justifications. The CPM cadres are not any holier, going by what they do to annihilate the rival politicians and other party followers , especially where they are in power or having a good following. But that does not justify violent retaliations.

    Whoever is the perpetrators of violence, should be brought before law and punished exemplary way. A civil society like ours should not be any lenient to violence of any kind. If BJP followers indulge in violence and crimes, then the same people who voted for them will punish them in the next elections by voting against them. Let them beware.

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    Whoever is behind this should be aware of the potential dangers of such unlawful acts. Bringing down a statue, a party flag etc are all instigators of disharmony and are often followed by violence and destruction of public property.
    Whether it is done by the BJP cadres or truly be the people who voted for a change would be difficult to prove. This incident would certainly mar the image of BJP.
    It would be good if the BJP quickly conducts an investigation and based on the findings apologize if it was indeed it's party members who got carried away with the celebrations that ended up using a JCB to dismantle the statue.

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    What I feel that when the people of Tripura has given overwhelming mandate to the BJP means, they had full vengeance against the Manik Sarkar government and thus the new government has every power to consider the aspirations of the voters and their rights. By the way why Lenin statue be there in that part of our country and in what way it can mitigate the suppression of rights either too undertaken by Manik Sarkar government ? So when the parties comes to power they enforce their own agenda and for which there cannot be questions asked. This is required by the voters and they fully supported it. And as far as Periar statue in Chennai be removed, it was also the case of discussions earlier. Periar never cared the Hindus and in fact abused. So there is a reason for BJP to express the vengeance on that person.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    So far as the statues of Lenin and Periyar are concerned, I feel that they were extremely intolerant of others' views or opinions, especially those which don't support their own. The rough/improper treatment of their statues is sort of poetic justice.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    As mentioned in my reply yesterday, the PM and Amit Shah has expressed the tough stance of the party against the vandalism of the statues promising that the guilty would be punished. This issue has provided much needed fodder for the opposition parties and everyone is expressing their opinions on most channels. The image of the party has been dented, will have to see how effective is the damage control measure.

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