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    Wastage of food - is it a bad habit?

    In parties, functions and ceremonies generally, buffet system will be there and one can take the food items of ones liking as well as the amount of food one wants.

    Many people take a small quantity and if required they will again take some more. On the other hand, some people take a lot of food on their plate but do not finish it and waste a large portion and throw it in the garbage.

    Wasting food like that is not only a bad manner but a bad habit as once it goes to the waste bin it cannot be given to a needy person.

    What do you think about this?
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    To me, wastage of food should be made criminal offence. Furthermore, in every function, the local police station must station some civic volunteers to collect the excess food-items and distribute these among the needy within the police station. In this way, consciousness would improve, and people themselves would not waste food, but hand it over to the needy.

    I am glad to state that in many localities the consciousness level has improved in this regard and excess food are distributed by people themselves among the needy. However, much more is still needed to be done.

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    The food is very precious. We should not waste the food unnecessarily. In many functions we see a lot of food getting wasted. many of the guests take more food than they can eat and leave the excess quantity on the plate. In India, many people are not able to get a square meal two times a day. As such wasting food is a severe offence. In Telangana recently one NGO has started collecting the food from people and distributing it to the needy. If there is any function in our house and after all the guests eat if still some food is left behind if we give a call to them they will come and collect the food on their own and distribute to the people who are hungry. If this process is started in other places also it will be good for the country. t is always advisable to eat sufficiently but should not waste. In some other countries, people stare at us if we are leaving some food in our plates after finishing our eating.
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    Wasting food is a crime and is not a good practice. However, on the name of not wasting food, and consuming the excess food and dumping into our belly is the worst habit that would invite problem to our good health. One should know how much he/she can eat. Accordingly take it in the plate and eat it without any wastage of food. Truly, the untouched food not served will help the the needy.
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    Wasting food must not be allowed under any circumstances. Because our country still have several people who find it difficult to have a single meal a day. There are lakhs who die just because of malnutrition. So just think of such people before the food is wasted. For feasts it is a common sight that heaps waste food is loaded into waste collecting vans. And on the way this vehicle pass, very often hungry people will be watching it with watering mouth.
    I remember a short story, published in a Malayalam weekly. The title of the story was "Biriyaani". The major food item prepared for a special occasion will be Biriyani among certain categories of people. In this story also it is an occasion of reception in a very rich family. Hundreds of people participate in the reception. Several plates of Biriyani are served with side dishes. Most of the invitees leave the plates on the table with lots of Biriyani wastes. These waste loads are taken by servants and thrown into a well like whole dug for this purpose.
    Actually the story concentrates on the person who dug this well for this purpose. He was a person who came here in search of job from North-east part. He belonged to very poor family and had his wife and a daughter. Almost everyday they could eat something once only. When the man once went with his child to the work site she saw this food item. She wanted the same but the father had no money with him to buy the same. Due to famine and related disease the child died. When he saw the basketful of Biriyani thrown here as waste he thought about his daughter. By the time the feast was over it was pretty dark and waste still continued to pour down The worker was very weak and sat somewhere there near the Biriyani well with watering eyes empty stomach.

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    Food is wasted during weddings and other social, family functions and also from canteens, restaurants and hotels etc.

    However, nowadays a new trend is observed, especially in metro and other major cities, that the people after finishing dinner, pack the leftovers and take the same home for consuming later. Though this practice started in developed countries but has now spread considerably in India also though in smaller cities and towns, such practice is still frowned upon.

    It is estimated that in India about 13 lakh children die annually due to hunger and about 20 crore people go to sleep hungry every night. Globally, hunger kills more people than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.

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    Yes, of course, the wasting of food is a very bad habit and we should avoid it. We should also avoid buffet system our traditional method is better than buffet system of food. People unnecessarily take food in the plate and then throw them in the garbage. We are getting food daily but the people who are not getting food ask them about the value of food. The will tell you the value of the food.
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    People in the name of celebration often go overboard at parties and weddings wherein there would be 25-30 items from start to end. At times, it becomes an issue of ego, status and obnoxious display of money. It is so common to live a dosa counter making 6-8 different types and guests take many items and waste it. Children's plates are the most ignored ones wherein the child has a serving of so many items that most of them are left untouched and in a few minutes the child throws the plate and goes off for the ice-cream.

    Such wastage of food is actually a sin because, there would be so many people who go hungry every day, they can be fed with dignity rather than just dumping everything in eaten plates or near the garbage cans. The hosts, the guests and the people in general need to be conscious about the quantity and the variety of food that is prepared at functions and at hotels.
    There are some open access fridges or food counters in large apartments, near hotels wherein people keep the excess food in a decent package, any needy person can take it and eat it without being embarrassed.

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    I totally agree with this. In golden days it was a practice by our elders to leave a handful food in the leaf after every lunch/dinner so as to feed dogs. In marriage and functions a huge crowd of buggers found around the garbage box outside the marriage hall to eat the leftovers. But nowadays there is no beggars as well no dogs also eat the leftovers and the wasted food items are getting ruined in the sand. By seeing this we should be very alert while eating itself to avoid wastage.
    As many among us found diabetic, in functions the wastage quantum is high. To avoid this the system of buffet comes but in that also people are taking in plates and dumped waste box. To prevent this serving people should serve initially in less quantity and should follow in supplying additionally to the needy persons. The eaters should also tell the servers while serving itself.

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    Is the author although raising a serious concern but not yet confirmed of whether it's a good habit or a bad habit. As per me this shouldn't have been a scene. Anyhow & whatsoever this needs an immediate attention & must get stopped immediately.

    This would be important to know that India has a "serious" hunger problem and ranks 100th out of 119 countries on the global hunger index even behind the countries like the North Korea, Bangladesh and Iraq but slightly ahead of Pakistan. Adding, the country's serious hunger level is driven by high child malnutrition and underlines need for a stronger commitment which is as per the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) said in its report. As per study the India has slightly dipped this year from the previous year status.

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    I am totally against those who waste food in many manner. The house holds prepare more food daily and put the extra food thus gone waste to the dust bin. The house hold things that some guest would come suddenly and thus makes provision for extra food. But that is wasted if no one turns up. Likewise in Marriages, the estimates of possible visitors would be more but those actually graced the occasion would less and thus the food is wasted. And the guests in the guise of good tasty food often waste the same after having some. These kinds of wastes cannot be tolerated
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