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    What will be the best way for TDP now.

    The Telugu Desam government in Andhra Pradesh is in a fix now. They believed the BJP in the centre and put a lot of faith in them Mr Naidu supported the BJP government in all its activities. Now the people of Andhra Pradesh are very adamant and trying to create problems if they are not getting the required help from the government. The people like Pavan Kalyan, Jai Prakash Narayan and Undavalli are trying to take the advantage of the situation. Mr Naidu aware that if he goes against the central government at the juncture the help whatever is coming that may also get stopped. At the same time if he completely ignores the other people he may lose his credibility. Really the party is in a fix. Unfortunately, there is nobody in the central government who can raise his voice against the PM. The only man who has some voice is in a different position now. What the party will do now and where the AP state is heading is a very big question mark now.
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    Even now,BJP is the best ally for TDP. They may sit and discuss and thrash the differences and solve pending matters as far as possible in an amicable way.

    Earlier alsoit was TDP which broke with BJP, and both suffered due to that. BJP is a more natural and sincere ally to TDP than any other party. Both can gain by their sincere mutual alliance or understanding

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    Mr. Venkiteswaran, It is not the matter of alliances, votes and seats to think in terms of them simply. It is an issue that is related to the lives of people of A.P. Already Mr.Chandra Babu wasted four years time and moved along with BJP without any benefit. In the last general elections as Congress cheated A.P. people by bifurcating the wealthy combined A.P. state, people completely rejected that party. Thinking that TDP and BJP combination will do best for A.P. State by giving Special Status, people voted strongly in favor of them. After 4 years both Bau and people realized BJP is also the same party like Congress. Now even if Mr.Bau travels with BJP both the parties have to suffer heavily at the hands of A.P. people. Now people of A.P. are very angry with BJP Party. So if Mr.Babu show his revolt against BJP at least he can save himself from the wrath of the people.

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    I feel the allegiance of a state ruling party should be with the people and not with the party at the center. Because parties at the center or alliances come and go but once a particular party loses the faith placed by the people on it, then it is as good as forgetting the next elections.

    Chandrababu Naidu has to do a tightrope act of pacifying the people and yet not upset his relations with BJP. First, he should not take sides with KCR/Telangana. He should have an all-party meet with all the important leaders of the state and then set-up an all-party meet with the central ministry and take up the issue seriously and not lose momentum.

    He should give an open ultimatum that if the special status is not granted that, TDP would sever ties with it and all major parties of AP should distance itself from BJP. By doing so, he would safeguard his position and also be known as a leader who could bring all parties united for the cause of AP.

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    After Pavan Kalyan took the centre stage with a committee on the need to what funds the AP got so far and why the other funds due are not paid, it is now decided to escalate the need for special status to AP supported by all political parties. I am of the view that BJP and PM Modi is well posted about the developments in AP, Now that Rahul Gandhi promised to give special status to AP if voted to power, the BJP would bend and mend its ways and a sudden decision prior to the elections is on the cards. So CM Naidu has the compulsion to wait and watch and wont arrive at a hasty decision of parting ways with BJP.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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