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    In Mr. Singh's rule remote control is with Mrs.Sonia and in Mr.Modi's rule is with RSS

    In the previous government rule of Mr.Manmohan Singh political parties, leaders and media used to say the remote control of Mr.Singh's rule is in the hands of Mrs.Sonia. Political opponents of Congress used to tell Mrs.Sonia is only running the government from the back door of Manmohan Singh rule. Now at present also the same typical belief is going on that Mr.Modi's governance is controlled by RSS from back door. RSS is the remote control of BJP rule. That is the reason why even if any thing go wrong with RSS comments Mr.Modi always keep silence. Do you feel both these examples are strongly similar to each other? If not why?
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    There is lots of difference between Congress and BJP. While Congress is basically a family party, BJP is is an organisation and has its roots from RSS. Many of the BJP stalwarts are the RSS workers first and then BJP leaders next. So there is nothing wrong on the part of PM Modi conceeding to the advise of RSS because in the elections , it is the RSS outfit which helps the BJP party with their strong cadre presence. And in Congress the so called advise to the then PM Manmohan Singh was aimed at benefitting them personally than the country. And in BJP Case, the RSS never got benefited with money or favour.
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    RSS never interferes with the day to day administration or functioning of Government. It is a cultural organisation whose motto is the development of the people and bringing back the old glory of the country. RSS members never bother to have political power. RSS members remain unmarried. They don't become ministers. If any RSS member marries, he has to leave RSS.

    RSS is an organisation, It must not be compared with a person.

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    These may appear analogous but there are rudimentary differences between them.

    In earlier case, it was the control of high command that was running the show. In latter case, it is the ideology of an organisation which is affecting the policies of the Govt but the said organisation is not deriving any tangible or intangible benefits out of the situation.

    A particular family was running the country for quite some time and now when the command is in the hands of a person having his roots in the common masses, the situation and governance has to be entirely different and one to one comparisons may not be feasible.

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    In my opinion there is a comparison with this regard. Even though Mr.Singh wants to do the work in some other way he has to obey Mrs. Sonia's words. In Mr.Modi's case also likely or unlikely he has to follow words of RSS whether it harms the party or not. So in both the cases outside intervention is there.

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    I differ from authors perception that our PM Modi has the compulsion to consult RSS before taking any major decision. There is no such a arrangement. RSS is concerned about Hinduvta plank and wont interfere in daily affairs of the government , where as former PM Manmohan Singh has the compulsion to follow the advise of Sonia Gandhi as he has no power nor give any suggestion to her. That is the reason being so he still considered the yes man of Sonia Gandhi and even if any one comes to the seat of PM, including Rahul Gandhi, he has to consult the mother and her decision would be final.
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    A few years ago, when BJP shot into limelight, this question would have been more valid and true. Now BJP carries out it's functioning as per the needs of the hour/nation and RSS wouldn't interfere. There would be an odd statement or exchange of words when it comes to issues over a faith or place of worship.

    If one has to go by the news reports and memory, the Congress party high command had frequent interactions with Mr. Manmohan Singh leading to the tag of the then PM being remotely controlled.

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    There is no similarity in these two comparisons projected by the author.
    1. RSS is an Organisation which is having an Ideology and thinks about the country. But Sonia Gandhi is an individual with a self-interest of promoting his family members.
    2. BJP is a party which believes in certain principles. The points may be similar to RSS ideology but a real RSS worker never shows interest in politics. But Congress is a party in which only a family is having power and that family only will be in power in that party.
    3. In Congress, nothing will move without Gandhi's approval. The people sitting as Ministers should be yes masters only. BJP can take decisions on their own and there is no necessity that they have to contact RSS for any reason.

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    The BJP is the political face of RSS and RSS is the backbone of BJP. There will not be BJP without RSS cadre backing it. Half the ministers of the cabinet are from RSS only. Ram Madhav was deputed to BJP by the RSS and is now the General Secretary of BJP. The cabinet along with the Prime Minister report to the RSS as reported by the news channels. In the UPA, the Prime Minister always used to report to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, the Chair Person of the UPA.
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    It is reiterated that RSS doesn't interfere in the day-to-day governance of the country or any state. It only comes to picture if something happens which is totally opposite to its ethos. RSS basically works outside the glare of limelight, unlike any other political parties or political leaders.
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