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    The two wheeled help saved a life

    "Why now of all time?", cried the Ambulance driver,"when we are transporting the Mayor's heart?", as his engine failed in the middle of a highway.
    No other ambulance was nearby and the time was running out.
    He feel onto his knees and started crying. A marathon cyclist rang his bell to alert the driver.
    But when he saw the driver crying, he approached the driver and learnt the impending danger.
    "Give me the box containing the heart. If I pedal with my whole strength I might finish the race to hospital in ten minutes", offered the cyclist.
    Now only nine minutes were in hand. The cyclist rode taking the box without looking behind.

    "My marathon is not as important as saving a life. Yes I needed the prize money so badly. Yes, I might fail in this task too. But I will give my very best".
    The cyclist rode towards the hospital with GPS in hand. The highway led into a lane with in turn led into a forest-like place.
    The cyclist took rest for few seconds. He gulped down water from his bottle. "Now I might reach the hospital in two minutes. I am way ahead of the deadline", he thought.
    That was when he realised that his watch had stopped working a long ago.
    The cyclist's eyes and heart suck. His phone revealed that he was running out of time.
    He started again. In this forest-like place he couldn't get the signals. So his gps wasn't being accurate. He saw an old man selling toddy under a banyan tree and asked him for the road.
    The old man pointed. Riding around somehow the cyclist found himself back on a road.
    Now he groped his phone for gps but Fate seemed to have it's revenge upon the Mayor's heart.
    His phone died out. There was no time to waste. The last time he checked he had 3 minutes left.
    He rode merely with intuition and asking directions and time to the strangers.
    There he saw on a board,"Blue nymph multi speciality hospital- 1.5km"
    While he was riding happily towards the hospital when his tyres were shred apart. "Not now" he thought,"when I'm this close to the destination".

    He now had few seconds on hand. He quickly grabbed the box containing heart and ran crazily towards the hospital.
    Outside the hospital, were a battalion of doctors and nurses waiting. Seeing only thirty seconds was left, they all gave up hope.
    That's when they saw the cyclist, running with the box towards them.
    He handed over the box safely. Now it's time for the doctors to rush.

    The cyclist wheezed with all that physical and psychological pain.
    He went inside the hospital for water and rested outside the operation room.

    "Congratulations my friend! Thanks to you, the transplant was successful", greeted the doctor.

    "I might have lost the prize money but saving a life is a prize on it's own",he thought.
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    A good imagination. Winning prize is not important than helping a man to live. The theme of the story is good and I appreciate the other for the way in which he drove the story. All the best to the author.
    always confident

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    A different approach using the cycle as the savior and the cycle rider as a kind-hearted soul who gives up his competition to get the heart in time to the hospital. Nowadays, green corridors are used to keep the roads clear of traffic and to shuttle the organ in record time to the needed person.

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    My heart was racing as I read the story. It was almost like feeling every beat while reading through the line. The narration was super awesome. Kudos to you Mr. Aditya.

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