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    A lovely gift after its theft

    "Dad..Dad..Dad…Please, Let us go out today. I am getting bored. You did not take us out last month. My examinations will be on next week. Prior to examination, let us visit a mall and enjoy the day."whined little Sunny. "'No son, Sorry son, I have lot of works to do. I cannot take you out. I shall ask your Mummy to take you to a mall tomorrow Saturday."said the father. The little boy Sunny acknowledged and said,"Thank you dad."

    Next day, Mr. Surya asked his good wife Swapna to take Sunny to a mall and get him whatever he wanted. Swapna and Sunny went to a mall. When Swapna and Sunny were in a toy shop, Sunny observed a lady in black veil moving suspiciously. Sunny quietly followed her movements. In one place, the suspicious lady took out something and hid it under her inner garments.

    Sunny rushed to his mother and said,"Mom, there is a thief in this mall. I have seen her stealing and hiding something inside her dress." Swapna asked,"Where is she now?" Sunny said,"Don't make noise. Follow me quietly." He took her and showed the lady standing near the billing table. Swapna too observed a strange movement of that lady. She quietly went to the manager and informed about the suspicious lady. The manager asked his lady security officer to have a special check on the suspected lady. Alas! She was caught. She had no other way except to plead. She was handed over to the police and a case was booked .

    The Manager called Swapna and her son Sunny to his private room. He appreciated Sunny and gave him the same toy which was stolen by the lady. Sunny felt happy and accepted the toy happily. Also, the manager promised that the toy shop will give 50 percent concession to all their purchases in future.

    When they reached home, Mr. Surya an ardent member of India Study Channel was busy with his laptop browsing India Study Channel and was in the Indian Discussion Forum. His little boy Sunny came behind and blocked Surya's eyes with his little palm and said,"Dad, there is a surprise for you. Don't open your eyes until I tell you. " He then placed the toy over his laptop keyboard, and said,"Dad. Open your eyes." Surya had a look at the toy and wondered its shape, design and colour. It really looked nice to watch a young man on a world tour in his cycle with his helmet and spects, water bottle hanging on his shoulder, and a big black box carrier carrying his personal items.

    Surya said," Sunny boy, very nice toy. Where did you get it and how much is the cost?" Sunny said," Dad, it is a free gift awarded for my smartness for detecting a theft in the mall." Swapna explained it in detail. Surya felt proud and kissed his son, and said,"Sunny, I will get you the costliest sports cycle for you after your examination." Sunny kissed him and said,"My good dad".

    @ My entry for the Photo contest.
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    A very good story from the originator of the competition. Nice way of interpretation and the observation capability of the child is very nice. I appreciate the concept. The story is in a different theme and everything in the picture he explained except green colour to the cycle.Well done.
    always confident

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    A very nice narration in a flowing and good story. The theme is having novelty and twists in the story are enjoyable.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The boy seems destined to get that toy either through buy but he luckily got through the gift for the clues he gave on the lady thief , who was caught and the same gift toy given to the boy. Good story.
    K Mohan
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    Dr. Rao, Umesh & Mohan,
    Thank you for reading and commenting my photo story. Such a comment encourages me to enhance my power of creativity. Though I am the author of the photo contest (behind me is the ME) I am glad to participate in the photo story writing contest.

    No life without Sun

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    A lively narration Mr.Sun,children are inquisitive and observe better than adults sometimes.
    "He then placed the toy over his laptop keyboard", this line aptly describes the picture along with the rest.

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