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    The Time – Present, Past and Future

    Are you curious to know what would happen in your future? Have you thought of correcting some errors of the past? The author here is offering you a virtual time machine to think and share.

    We often think about our past and future. "If I would have done this two years back then the story would have been different." "I am really worried and nervous as to how will be my board exams next year?"

    But the truth is that we cannot correct our past and we cannot also see our future. Many of us are sometimes always concerned and repent about the past happenings. Few of us may also go to astrologers to know about their future. Some of us are satisfied with the present.

    But can we really go into our past or future? We all know that time travel and the time machine is a very well known fictional theme in movies but it is still far from reality in actual life. Since there are no bounds in thinking, let us imagine for a while that time travel was possible and you have a big time machine waiting for you outside your house?

    So would you like to use this time machine to travel to past or future? Or you are satisfied with the present? If you would like to travel then what will it be, past or future? If in past then what are the things you would like to rectify and change? If in future what are the things you would like to see?

    Let us put over thinking caps and think just for the sake of fun.
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    The word present is highly applicable for time. The items given as gift are generally called as present . So the present in time is gift to us which should efficiently managed or utilised. The past or went out cannot come back and future no one can expect and so the present is gift to to utilise.

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    There is no point in thinking about the past as we can't go back in time and change the happenings. But the only thing we can do is we can learn lessons from the past events and see that we will not commit similar mistakes again and again. Thinking about the future is ok but always thinking about the future without living in the present and not doing the things at present is again spoil the life. So always live in the present and be present in your activities. Think of acts which are to be carried out today and do them. While doing these acts please keep in mind the past misdeeds and don't repeat them. Think of future and perform the present responsibilities correctly so that you will have a better future. So of all the actions living in the present is the first priority for me, for you and for all.
    always confident

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    The author provides us with a time machine and asks whether we would go to the past or future.
    We often think about our past or anticipate the future in various means, for some it becomes such a time consuming task that they forget 'the present', that is in their hands right now.

    Life is full of hardships, success, failures etc, this mixture of events make life really worthy to be called a learning experience that makes you more mature and wiser. Using a time machine for the future would mean knowing everything without actually experiencing it. For me, even the time machine is not worth it.

    For me, using the time machine to go back to the past is a God sent gift. Going back in time, re-visiting my mistakes committed out of immaturity, in the spur of the moment. The people I could have helped, the loved ones lost, correcting the wrong choices I made, the list is endless.

    Imagine if BJP were to have a time machine now, it would have prevented the destruction of statues. Gandhiji's assassin could have been caught before he could kill the father of the nation, the people of AP wouldn't have agreed for spilt into AP and Telangana.

    So, for me, a time machine is a magic wand that can make life more meaningful by re-visiting the past.

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    I find that I have a chronicle of mistakes committed by me in the past. Given a chance I would prefer to revisit my own life for correcting the mistakes committed by me and to see as to up to what extent my life gets improved after that.

    I believe that we can never fit in the life of others as we have only limited accounts of their life that too only the skin deep one. I don't think that people are fully aware of the turmoil and upheavals in the life of Mahatma Gandhi or Subhas Chandra Bose.

    Can you imagine how Maharana Pratap would have felt while wandering in the jungles in exile or how Prithviraj Chauhan would have been treated by Mohammad Ghori.

    Therefore, in my opinion, it is a better option to prefer to relive our own life, correct the mistakes and thus overcome the guilt which we are carrying and will have to carry till end.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In our life, the flow of time is only in one direction and time gone is gone forever.
    Whatever has happened has happened and there is no point in repenting or crying over the spilt milk.

    The only thing which we have in our hands is the present time which we have to utilise in an optimal manner to get the desired results. We can only do efforts and hard work as results are not in our hands.

    Future is totally unknown and we cannot design it in our own way.
    We must live in present and do whatever best we can out of the available time not much bothering for the results.

    In my opinion, this is the only mantra which can make our life happy and peaceful.

    Knowledge is power.

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    What has happened is never going to change & the future is unexpected & we don't have power to make any changes in those. Only present is what we have & that's also gone by from each passing time.

    Although I had a good past but also consists of pain & sufferings so even & if given powers then I only wanted to visit my good times & want to enjoy those again. Something like going back in times when I won a prize during my graduation. And also to the childhood days when there wasn't any worries of being grown -up or becoming old & week.

    But sadly not possible.

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