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    Nothing But Perspectives

    [This entry wins the first prize of Rs.250/- for the photo story contest.]

    He was riding the bicycle on the road as speedily as he could while also trying to, safely, make his way through the traffic. There was a lot of crowd that day. A pedestrian got a glimpse of that rushed rider of the bicycle and it made him wonder. Where is that rider heading to? Where is he going in such a hurry? That pedestrian was an aged man, leading a lonely life with no one beside him to take care of him.

    That pedestrian then saw a man on a wheelchair, waiting for someone to help him cross the road. When the pedestrian had caught the sight of that bicycle rider, that man on the wheelchair also had caught the very same sight at the same time. When he saw the speed at which the rider was riding the bicycle, man on the wheelchair gave out a sigh. He had always wanted to ride a bicycle when he was a kid. Seeing other kids doing that, which he himself could not do, used to sadden him. The pedestrian helped him cross the road.

    Though the bicycle seemed to be of that of a pizza- deliverer, the rider himself didn't seem to be a pizza delivery boy. A man in a black shirt, who was standing at a particular place for a very long time, noticed this strange thing when he got a glance of that rider. He was a policeman in disguise, looking for a wanted thief. That thief, he had been informed, had been seen near that place. He had got the right information, for the thief, he was looking for, had been sitting among the beggars on the road. The first thing, which came to that thief's mind when he saw that bicycle rider, was: what is 'he' running away from?

    That bicycle rider, strangely, was leaving impressions on the mind of many people. A girl, who was just coming out of the cinema hall, after watching the movie Jaane Tu Yaa Jaane Na, too noticed him. He made her wonder that who is he going after. He appeared to her like the hero of the movie, which she had just watched. The movie had ended with the hero, riding his horse at a speed so that he is able to stop the heroine from going away. He had to tell her what he feels for her.

    And just like that, the bicycle rider turned in some other direction, leaving the people on that road, wondering and wondering.

    This is my entry for the photo story contest.
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    A different story. The bicycle rider is same. But different people imagined him as a different person. But the rider never bothered about these people and continued to go on. A good description and narration is also good.
    always confident

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    A great thread, people have a different perspective on common things, this is effortlessly brought out by the author.
    It is always good to have an idea of the other's perspective, it would help us in understanding the person and his or her reaction or act to a particular event.

    Seeing a lavish spread of food for a rich man with his diseases would make him worry about eating and worsening his health but the same for a poor hungry beggar would be a God-given gift and he would enjoy it to his heart's content. The food is the same, just see the difference of the effect on both of them.

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