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    Can I add institute details in my blog/website?

    I wanted to know about the copyright act and posted a thread to know whether posting School and college details come under copyright act? But, maybe it was misunderstood by the admin and it got deleted.

    I have my own website which is exclusive for only music. And, I would like to add musical institute details which might have appeared in other websites too. Maybe the same name, contact, and address. So, if I add their details would it come under copyright act?

    Knowledgeable members can throw some light on it.
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    No. The simple compilation work of writing details of musical institutions with address, name or contact details does not fall to copyright violation. Make sure you give each detail with some modification like adding more content to address, giving the Google map of the institutions, review of that institution. Try to provide more useful information compared to the one from which you are gathering the information.
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    No. If you are just giving the name, address details. and contac6t details there will not be any copyrights issue. It is just like an advertisement appearing on different websites. The same advertisement you will see on different sites. So there will not be any problem. You can add any specific information you know about the institute if you know it which may not be available on other sites. That will give an additional advantage to your site also.
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    Most people take content from different site and format it in their own words without repeating things word for word. So, if you use the address(that is easily available on google to everyone) in your own format, then it should be fine.
    The copyright issues are wide and open to a varied interpretation. In general terms, we would be safe if, we by using the material from another site
    1. does not divert the earnings from that site to our site
    2. our site is purely a personal and non-commercial one
    3. the content used does not form part of any unique research or photographs.

    So, I would be careful if I were to copy the material you have suggested from Justdail, practo, zomato, tripadvisor etc because, these sites generate their revenue purely by being able to provide the addresses. Just my thougths, please do as you feel appropriate.

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    In my opinion, if you just post address and college names doesn't come under copyright act. But if you post description of college or school by copying from other websites or college or school websites, will come under copyright act.

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    Thanks for the valuable responses. However, I am not talking about copying contents which is surely not ethical and I have always tried to post my own thought and experience instead of taking guide from other sites.

    Here, I mean to say about names, address and contact details. Which is obviously can not be written in other words and it has to be the same.

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    Jeet Singh, I totally understood your concern. You can re-read the response I have given you in thread no #628791
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    Thank you Paresh, I have read, your response and its clear to understand.

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