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    Have you ever made a Telescope?

    I am interested in space related subject, not a typical science student but like someone who is always wants to know more and more about space. Since long period of time, I wanted to make a home made telescope to watch the Moon. Though, in the market one can easily get a good telescope in affordable price yet I wanted to make it at home. The reason, it will only bring satisfaction to me.

    After researching and watching videos finally I am ready to make it. I have bought a pair of Concave and Convex lenses for it. The reason of posting this thread is to know if any of our member have made a telescope at home so that I could have some more ideas from them.

    Anyway, I am going to made it and if get successful in it, will sure let you all know.
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    I have made a telescope during my high school days with the help of my science teacher. I have purchased Concave and Convex lenses for it Basing on the sizes of the lenses a cardboard tube is made and the length is adjusted based on the calculations made by my science teacher and arranged these two lenses into the tube. But The telescope what I made got spoiled very soon. I am not fully aware of the distances and calculations.
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    During our childhood we made other thing which looks like telescope of entertainment. We collected pieces of broken glass bangles of varied colours and we have a round agarbathi pack in which on the one hand it will closed and have those glass pieces and on the other hand we shall have the opening closed with transparent glaze paper and thus when we shake the tube of the agarbathi pack, and kept against the light or the sunlight, we can seen different formations of the glass pieces inside and that would give the thrilling experience. But I have never attempted the telescope so far.
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    In my childhood, I had made a periscope using a set of mirrors and a cardboard tube. However, I don't remember having ever attempted making a telescope. Also, since decades I use a concave shaving mirror to view magnified image of my upper lips for trimming moustache and this is my closest association with the concave objects.
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    I have tried once as a student unsuccessfully. I ended up having something like a small magnifier tube instead of a telescope.

    If you are serious about the telescope for space/star gazing, please try to see if there are any amateur space associations in your city. In Bangalore, there is one Association of Bangalore Amateur Astronomers. Such groups or even a planetarium would have like-minded experts who would have done what you have started.

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