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    Discussion on tab or not

    Today there was parents meeting in my friends child school they were asking for parents review whether tab teaching is ok or not. If ok then each child will be given a tab in the next academic year and most all the notes and text book will be given in tab as an app. This is actually done to reduce the school bag weight that the child is carrying.
    But I find introducing tab in school level will have most disadvantage than advantage. even though if the tab is eye protector. Because you can protect the eyes but their brain will completely stop working. Now any chapter asked to them kids tell the page number and open. Later on, they may tell open the app. I find lots of disadvantages over the advantages of introducing app in school level.
    What is my ISC members review in this matter? Please do give you valuable response.
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    Already people are forgetting using a pen and pencil. These days people are not very comfortable in writing. But at least up to the students' stage all are required to write notes, exams and assignments. But if we start giving tabs from high school itself they will not practice writing and even exams also they prefer online and they need not write there also. As such it is not at all good for the students. One time writing is almost equivalent to reading 10 times.
    Another disadvantage is they even don't what is the chapter where they have to refer. It will become like a google search there also. Already the standards of education are coming down. This kind of actions will bring down the standards further lower level which should not be encouraged by anyone.

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    An excellent thread that I feel it merits a good debate like we did in GDs.

    As far as tabs go, virtual classrooms and computer-based learning and writing(typing) are being done in some centers. It's a matter of time before tab based learning will come into practice. How much of the school-based teaching and class time will be spent on the tab would be the key question.

    To start with we can give custom-made tabs for one subject in a particular class in a few schools as a pilot project and study its benefits and adverse effects on students. Once we have some real facts, then it would help us to decide whether what we fear now is true or just a concern that is not a reality.

    Then we can introduce at a wider level, this would need a lot a planning, discussion, logistical support for tab procurement and uniform access and use settings.

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    I strongly object to the introduction of tab facility during the school phase as it is too early to make the students get addicted to the computers or the gadgets. Already the students have diverted their minds to cell phones and their total concentration were in social media and less interest in the studies. With tab in their hand, they would be fiddling more for information of non importance and thus wasting of time is assured. So school managements must desist from such imposing activities and continue with the traditional way of studies through the books, and black board writing concept.
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    Very good responses by members actually in Bangalore in some private school last academic year only they have started using tab. So now for their status some school's are trying to introduce in their school. Its just become a business no school is bothered about child future.

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    The author is right in its observation about the use of electronic gadgets in schools that this will reduce the efficiency & exposure of our mind to its capabilities. We keep on achieving the new levels just because the way we use our mind & these electronic gadgets are just a means to assist during the course. But also to the fact that we have man made structures still existing which surprises us of the level of engineering that existed long time back. The time wherein there wasn't any computers but maximum uses of the mathematics & logic. The latest analysis shows that our mind is week in comparison to what we used to have a only few decades ago.

    The point is that if we continue to have with this education & the way of life then although we will see the new world but won't be capable enough to enjoy those. Adding, that in long term this wouldn't be the bright as we have experienced so far.

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