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    What is the reason for maintaining multiple cell phones by some people.

    These days everyone is having a mobile. We will never find even a single person without a cell in his hand these days. Of course, for many useful purposes, it is becoming a necessity. But I find many people having more than one cell phone and 2 to 3 sim cards. I am not able to understand the advantage of having more phones. is it a status symbol or indication of busy schedules? One person will have only one mouth to talk. So when he is talking over a phone he can't ring another phone or he can't talk another call. Somebody say that one is for incoming calls and the other for outgoing calls. But for this why they have to have two phone. They can have one phone with two sims. I feel it is nothing but a waste of money. The knowledgeable members of this site can give their opinion on this.
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    Not all are keeping more than one phone for show of status.
    Many people segregate personal and business calls and use different numbers(SIM card) for each. Some others use two or more phones for isollating or security reasons. For example some people may be doing banking and other important online activities in one phone exclusively , which is kept better secured by anti virus software etc. They may be using another for all their other mundane calls and wahtsapp, browsing etc.

    I am also using two handsets. The first one is an old model and does not have good storage/RAM capacity. When that started giving problems, I bought another one.That time I had ported another SIM which was kept on Roaming till then and so sparingly used. That SIM I put in the new handset. But for all calls and SMS I use the old phone, use the new one for whatsapp, browsing, and for some essential apps. Sometime when I am on travel, only one will be having good signal at a particular place. So both phones come to us practically, and it is not for any show off.

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    Having two mobile phones is an affordable status symbol. But as rightly pointed out by the author of the thread, in most of the cases, having two mobile phones is not essential.

    I myself have two SIM cards but I have iPhone in which two SIM cards cannot be inserted. Because of this reason, I have to have two handsets also. It is true that carrying two handsets often become cumbersome and inconvenient.

    The common reasons behind having two SIM cards of two different service providers (BSNL and Idea in my case) are the advantage of never remaining unconnected even in the case of disruption of services of one of the service providers and flexibility of sharing the either of the two numbers according to preferred choice to various people in the connectivity list.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    What I have observed that those who have two or more phones with them, there are reasons behind that which is very useful to them. In some cases the cell phone operator has the scheme for free calls between five immediate family members and thus a cell is dedicated for that purpose. Some phones have unlimited talk talk time scheme and the call rates would be less and for that one phone is dedicated. And just for incoming call purpose some people have one cell phone. Now a days with still competition the operators are bound to give extra benefits to each customer and thus maintaining so many phones seems to be foolish attitude.
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    Some people do have multiple phones to proect an image that they are very busy, well to do. Many have two handsets, one would be given or paid by the office, other would be a personal one.

    Many of the small firms offer 24/7 support and such places have a mobile set that in carried in rotation by the employees. This practice is common in healthcare for instance to access a clinic or a team or a vendor of supplies.

    Some would be invovled in travelling to multiple states for buissness and order booking etc, in such cases, one would be used for contact while travelling.

    People in the land dealing or real estate segment often have 2-3 phones, this would be keep certain contacts and discussions away from the rest.

    Lastly many would have two phones of which one would be personal and accessible only to the family and friends, when such people are out on personal work or a holiday, the regular mobile would be switched off with only the personal one active. If you have to contact such people when they are away, often there would be a third person or a staff who would be relaying messages across.

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