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    Indian Education System needs a change

    I think our education system is pretty messed up. The only good thing the case people did was introduce ice and now it is gone. Our education system teaches us things which sometimes have no application at all. Now let's take an example, you guys have completed trigonometry right (if not then complete school first) now tell what help does it do in your day to day life? By my thinking we should be taught things which are more practical and things what we want to become for example if I want to become a badminton player I must put all my effort into my training and devote my life into it, but parental pressure especially in classes 9-12th won't let you pursue your dreams instead they will make you mug up stuff which has no practical usage at all and you are not interested in, so in the end I would like to say that our system should be more practical and less bookish.
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    We have had at least 3-4 threads recently on the Indian education system. Maybe the new author would not be aware of it.

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    Yes, last week we have discussed the educational system and what types of changes are required in the educational system. The lto some thread are:

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    Yes. It is true. There were posts on the same topic very recently but with different headings. We have covered all the points discussed in those threads. Probably the author is not aware of the same. However many such cases the Editors will see and lock the thread.
    As the author joined yesterday only he may not be aware of the rules or he might not have seen the other threads.
    However, I wish the author a fruitful and rewarding time on this channel. I advise him to go through all the help topics and the thread which are giving various rules and regulation which are to be maintained here as a member. All the best to him.

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