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    TDP with draws their two ministers from BJP government

    Mr.Chandrababu Naidu with draws their two ministers from NDA government. This action is in protest to the attitude shown by Mr.Modi and it's government in not giving Special Status which was promised on the floor of the house by BJP and Congress. So BJP is going to loose a trusted ally from NDA. In course of time TDP also with draws its support to NDA.
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    I do not think this decision can fetch any better result for Naidu or his party. To some extent they can exploit the local sentiments. But people at present can see beyond their nose. I doubt that this may be a mutually agreed convenient drama between BJP and TDP ,and they may come to some understanding before the actual elections.

    As things stand now, AP is not going to get any better advantage antagonising the centre ruling party. The present act may be for local consumption and get some temporary political advantage.

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    Hasty decision from Chandrababu Naidu. We all know that BJP is not in minority status. They have enough seats on their own in Parliament and the NDA alliance is for the face value. So Naidu has done wrong thing to take off his two Ministers from the Central cabinet and thus sent a wrong signal to BJP. Already feelers have bee sent to YSRCP to support in future and relevance of Naidu is not felt by BJP. Nevertheless this resignation drama is going to have political impact for BJP as it cannot get votes. So more work for Amit Shah and others to have the best strategy for future to AP polls.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is a major political mistake of N. Chandrababu Naidu. Although it is premature to say, I feel that this hasty decision would affect the state much more. No other party is in a position to help TDP in this crisis (both political and financial).
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    Actually most of the South Indian States and politicians believe and don't go with BJP as it is a religious oriented party in the past. Most of the ruling political parties in these regions have strong back up from minorities and BC's. In the past Mr.Chandra Bau Naidu gave a statement after withdrawing from NDA that he never again join BJP as it is a religious oriented party which will effect his prospect in the state. This statement he gave in relations to Gujarat riots. As Mr.Modi's wave is going on during the last general elections, he join hand with him for two reasons-one he is facing strong opposition from Jagan Mohan Reddy (YSRCP Party) and the other is he has to get strong financial support from the Center. With the aid of mass Star Pawan Kalyan and BJP wave helped him to just able to come into power. With the help of his close friend Venkaiaha Naidu he is able to got some support from the Center but not to the promised level Special Category Status. Venkaiaha Naidu knows what actually Andhra needs for its development as he is the local man of this state. Actually during Indira Gandhi regime he involved in separate Andhra movement. Once he was made Vice President, Mr.Naidu missed the support he really wants and but from back door also he tried to settle the issues. Now Center stands strongly that they don't want to give any further assistance even at the cost of loosing ties with TDP. Previously Congress played games with A.P. by saying we keep A.P. united before the last minute of bifurcation and at the last hours of their regime they bifurcated A.P. They lost everything what they contested in A.P. Now BJP after promising to give Special Category status they denied to give the status. BJP has realized that Amit Shah's political strategies and intelligentsia cannot work in A.P. and Telangana and so they let them Babu to withdraw from alliance. Mr.Chandra Babu also waited these 4 years what ever good they do he got. Now Mr.Babu also cannot get votes from BJP alliance as the Modi's wave is not present either in A.P. or Telangana and also people are fully e versed with BJP. . The other opposition party YSRCP also may not join BJP alliance as they also loose votes whose party is against the people of A.P. If YSRCP make alliance with BJP, the only purpose for them is to clean Mr.Jagan Mohan Reddy from various financial cases. So it is no political drama as observed by Mr. Venkateswarian and again BJP and TDP come in understanding for votes. Mr.Chandra Babu got some good score in the minds of people as he worked hard in the planning of development of new State.

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    Good decision by Mr. Chandrababu Naidu, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. The BJP proved that it does not mean what it says. I think the countdown has started. The tactics of BJP will not pay any more.
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    Does anyone know the true impact of the special status? From what little I could gather, it was useful pre-2014-2015 but now it does not guarantee funds.

    This may be the beginning of the end of the alliance, as mentioned in one of the earlier threads on TDP, Naidu has to save his face in front of the public and voters. This withdrawal sends a message to the masses that TDP would do what is good for the state.

    After this, there would be a further round of discussion, new grants or supports would be given to AP to pacify them. What Naidu and AP have to realize is all the promises cannot be honored by any party BJP or Congress if the special status criteria are not met. So, Does AP meet the criteria? (ahead of the other few waiting in the queue).

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    There is no other alternative to Naidu. He conducted the meeting with all MLAs and MPs of the party and 95% of the people said that they should come out of the alliance. Mr.Naidu is a very shrewd politician. In AP the opposition Parties are not very strong. Even then they are trying to harm the government telling that Naidu is afraid of the case against him and that is why he is supporting BJP even though they are not standing on their words. To answer these allegations Naidu has endorsed the representation from many of the MLAs. Otherwise, this allegation will become strong. Now nobody can say anything against him. He cautioned the MLAs also saying that we may not be getting whatever we are getting now. With this small statement, he made himself safe so that nobody can blame him tomorrow.
    The BJP government acted very smartly by making Venkiah Naidu as Vice President so that nobody in their party can talk strongly about this state. With this, all the six states in South are against BJP. The people should not feel that the south is being discriminated by the central government.

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    BJP has now withdrawn two BJP ministers from the Cabinet of N. Chandrababu Naidu.

    #628877: In my first response to another thread on the issue of special status to states, I have discussed in great details the criteria based on which special status is given to states. I have also mentioned that till now, eleven states have been granted special status, and Odisha is the first in the queue to have the special status in future as per the defined criteria.

    I also mentioned that special status and special economic package are not same. But, it appears that very few understand why special status is given.

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    Mr.Partha, Most of them know the difference between Special status category and Special package and election packages announced by BJP for Bihar, UP etc. In case of A.P. , as it is the residuary part of combined A.P. we lost the revenue providing capital of Hyderabad to Telangana. So A.P. is suffering from severe revenue deficiency as agreed by Arun Jaitley in the press meet. To bring the A.P. state to the same standards of development of its sister partner and to appease the people of A.P. both BJP and Congress agreed to give Special Category Status to A.P. at any cost. Now the BJP is cheating it's trusted coalition partner by saying cock and bull stories. Mr. Babu even agreed for Special Package in the past which Jaitley publicly announced and an equivalent or even more to that of Special category can be provided. But for these announcement there is no statutory confirmation even after 3 years of announcement. Now Jaitley announcing some unknown calculation and announced what finally they can give for A.P. Thus the Babu became furious and withdrawn it's ministers from BJP government. If you want to verify the promises made by BJP leaders and then PM during bifurcation, Mr.Modi's promise to A.P. people during election campaign, Arun Jaitley's announcement follow the YouTube vedio's:-
    1a).State Assembly rejecting Bifurcation Bill:-
    2. Special Status announced by PM Mr.Manmohan Singh:-
    4.Package announced By Arun Jaitley:-
    5. a) Mr.Modi's Special Category Status Promise:-

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    As mentioned in my earlier reply, now there are reports that PM has called upon Chandrababu Naidu, it's most likely a move to pacify and stop the unrest.

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    The situation has gone beyond that position. PM gave ring to Naidu as Naidu made a call to his office but PM was not available. It is more a call to know why Babu made a call to him. There are no special discussions. With the statement made by Jaitley yesterday the chances of pacifying the dispute is remote. But the central ministers who resigned today told that still, they are continuing in NDA. They may withdraw from NDA also as a next step. Anyhow not a good development and ultimately the people of AP are the sufferers.
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    If the BJP wont take this matter as serious as they feel they have enough majority of seats on their own in Parliament, then the party is living in the fools paradise. When Amit Shah and his gang are making strategy after strategy to grab power from state after state, then why Amit Shah failed to notice the discontent in AP over the special status and he never pacified PM Modi on the impending danger of parting ways by the TDP. Now also there are chances for patching up, otherwise the Southern brigade consisting of Kamala Hassan, Rajni, KCR and Chandrababu Naidu can make ripples in political circle in future.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Eye for an Eye is common in Indian politics. In response to Naidu's move, now two BJP ministers (K. Srinivas Rao and P Manikyala Rao) from AP have resigned. They are touring the projects in AP that are centrally funded to highlight that the center(BJP) is not neglected AP. This political drama would just leave the people where they are without much benefit.

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    As I have already stated, the step taken by Naidu may give him very temporary relief politically, but it will cause a terrible problem for the people of the state in the long run. An experienced politician like Naidu should have understood that no political party other than BJP is in a position to financially help the state. Or is it that Naidu is least bothered about financial help and wants only political mileage?
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    Here AP is not begging or bowing central government. The promise made in Rajyasabha and Loksabha (both houses of the Parliament) at the time of Bifurcation we strongly demanded to fulfill those Promises (in that special status category also mentioned) is also there. We are not here to know where the Special category status is given and which state is the most eligible for that.
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    As a matter of fact, I feel the overconfidence of Amit Shah is the reason for this problem. Modi is depending more on Shah only. Modi himself made big promises when he came to Tirupathi for poll campaign. But he made his intentions very clear at the foundation laying ceremony of Amaravati by offering clay and water from Delhi. But the symbolic intentions were not clearly understood by the politicians of AP.
    Another fact is the national parties are becoming a little partial towards the north rather than the south. This is not a welcome feature. If this feeling becomes strong the happenings will be entirely different. So the centre should be impartial and should see that these feelings will not become further strong.

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    Nobody could have objected if special category status was given to AP as AP case is a different scenario. It is a simple assumption of the Central Government that other states will demand for it. In the current situation, losing a trusted ally like TDP will be negative for BJP and it will not have any effect for TDP. If we sense the public pulse properly, it is very difficult for BJP to cross even 200 seats in Lok Sabha in 2019 elections. Anyhow TDP government is not getting even 5 percent extra when compared to other states, then what is the use of staying with NDA and face the public outrage.

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    #628987: Does it mean that only those parties which support BJP get the help from the Government of India? Is it the money of BJP or the taxpayer's money?
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    @KVRR some of the threads raised by certain members of ISC especially fanatic Modi fans what they are thinking and what they writing I am unable to understand.They must first remember as we are living in a Democratic system and not in Dictatorship
    if the fanatic Modi and BJP fans think they are in the Dictatorial type of Government we can't help.

    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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