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    Given a chance, which country of the world you would like to visit and why?

    There are more than 200 countries in the world. We have Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Maldives as our neighbouring countries. Then there are countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, South Africa, Mauritius, Singapore and Indonesia etc. where many Indians have migrated and live there. The charm of developed countries like the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, France Germany etc. attracts many.

    Do you have ever wished to visit any foreign country as a tourist or for any other purpose? Given a chance, which country of the world you would like to visit and why?
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    I'd like to visit Japan in Asia because I'm very much interested in Japanese culture and media .
    In Europe, Greece for sure. I love the historic heritage. I might check Venice and Berlin too.
    Amsterdam too.
    Because these are cradles of civilization in Europe.
    USA in North America. Any country in South America would do. But Brazil hits my fancies.

    And I would absolutely love to go to Australia.
    Because of the biological richness there.

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    East or West, Home is the Best. In fact, I would like to visit all the countries in the world. But my good destiny is not to visit any foreign countries. The land is same, the sky roof is same. the water is same. Hot and cold varies a bit. The air may not be polluted.
    Truly writing. I would like to visit Antarctica and live with the Penguins for few days.

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    I wish to visit Iraq and Saudi Arabia as our pilgrims are there. I want to go to Karbala, Najaf, Makkah and Madina. I also want to visit Dubai as my brother is there and he always says me to visit once on vacation.
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    I would like to visit Venice and Switzerland. Switzerland is my dream location from a very long time. Apart from that, I like to visit Bhutan, maldives and srilanka too. In fact, we are even planning for a trip to either Bhutan or srilanka in few months from now.

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    I have visited almost 10 countries including the USA, Japan and Korea. I feel Japan is the best place to visit.I have visited some Organisations there. Their work culture and discipline made me very happy. The quality consciousness they have is second to none. We can learn many aspects of their way of work and quality maintenance. Japanese industrial culture is the best culture as far as I know.
    I am also very happy to visit the USA again. The reason is many of my relations and friends are settled in the USA. Last time when I visited, I couldn't meet all of them. I could cover only 50 to 60% of them due to my time schedule. So if I get a chance again I will go there and visit the remaining friends and relatives. So far I visited alone these countries. This time I want to have a trip with my wife.

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    When ever I read about Australia and see the images of that country , in fact a continent, I have the liking to visit that place because it is said that it is most thinly populated country and yet has the vast span of the land and one of my friend who was there for many years even said that for every one or two kilometers only few people are visible and every one would eager to talk to other because of shortage of people present. Moreover the cricket pitches and the ground in Austarlia were awesome and one has to enjoy the beautiful locales of that great country. This is my die hard wish.
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    I love to travel within the limits of my finanical affordability. Travelling to cities doesn't appeal to me. Travelling to hill stations, places with scenic landscapes and green all around brings me joy. As an nature lover, I spend some most of our annual holiday funds and time visiting jungle safaris. Our family finds, the peace and the visual of seeing an animal in its own environment as one the most satisfying moments.

    I wish to travel to one of the African game reserves, like Keyna to see the 'Big 5' that is a dream come true for many animal lovers. The Big 5 includes African elephant, loin,leopard,buffalo and rhinoceros. Of course, there would be the chance of seeing giraffes and wildebeests and monster sizes crocodiles. If one can time it well, we can see the great spectacle of the wildebeest crossing in huge numbers.

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