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    What is the ideal time of eating dinner?

    Some of my relatives eat their dinner very late, often after 10.00 PM and sometimes even after that. Often, during our social visit to them, they insist for staying and take dinner with them which becomes a tall order for us as normally we finish our dinner by 08.00 PM.

    Many people prefer to eat dinner even earlier, say by 07.00 PM or 07.30 PM. It is said that there should be a gap of about 3 hours between dinner and sleeping time.

    Is there any optimum time of taking dinner? What are your comments and observations in this regard?
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    In the morning the eating of breakfast cannot be in unison as each member of our family has to leave the home at different timings. but we made it compulsory to have the dinner with all the members of family eating together. And since my daughter would return home by 8 pm daily the dinner would be between 8.30 Pm and and 9 Pm . What I observed that when we have the dinner at 9 pm, there would be no hindrance for going to bed in time and the house holds can finish the kitchen works by 10 pm and every one can retire to bed by 10 pm. So because of us the house holds should not get the disturbance of their sleeping time.
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    In my opinion, the ideal time of dinner depends upon your routine. What is your lunchtime? It is important that you have some time to walk after dinner for the proper digestion of the food. Never go to bed just after the dinner. My dinner time is almost 8 PM to 8:30 PM.
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    Mr. KK,
    Your words - It is said that there should be a gap of about 3 years between dinner and sleeping time. Should we have 3 years gap between two meals. Wah wah.

    The whole evening is with us for dinner. We cannot identify and specify any time for dinner. One should go for a meal whenever they feel hungry. There are people who take their meals in a disciplined manner with good time schedule. However, the ideal time for dinner would be between 8.00 & 9.00 p.m.

    Breakfast - 0800 to 0900 hrs,
    Tea - 1100 hrs
    Lunch - 1300 to 1400
    Tea - 1630 hrs
    Dinner - 2000 to 2100 hrs

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    Sun, thanks for pointing out my typing mistake. Corrected.

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    It is true that there should be minimum three hours gap between our dinner time and time to go to sleep. Many doctors advise this. It is to get our food digested before we sleep. Otherwise, food may not get digested and we may have health problems. I sleep generally by 10. 30 PM. So I have the habit of finishing my dinner by 7.30PM. By any chance, there is a delay it may go up to 8.00PM but not beyond that. Some people will have the habit of going to bed late. So they can eat a little late. But it is always preferable to finish the dinner by 9 PM. Another point we should remember is that we should not anything else after completing our dinner. This will spoil our digestive system.
    It is also advisable to walk at least for 10to 15 minutes in the house itself so that we will have some physical activity after eating.

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    It is advisable to take more time to take the meals. We should not hurry up with our breakfast or lunch or dinner. " Norunga Thinral Nooru Vayathu" is the Tamil proverb means that we should chew our food properly to live for 100 years. Hence it is necessary to take time to consume food. Taking food hurriedly would damage our digestive system and may cause ill health. One should take minimum 30 minutes for the breakfast, 45 minutes for lunch and 60 minutes for dinner to remain healthy and happy. Even while consuming liquids, we should sip it and take it. Don't gulp it in one go.
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    At many homes, dinner time is the transition from the end of the evening, homework,exchange of the day's stories to getting ready to bed. Dinner has more time allocated as most members are at home. At our home, dinner time is around 9PM, then another 15-30 minutes of pending work completion for kids. Once next day's school bag, water bottle etc is sorted out, then they go to bed.
    So for us, it's between 9-9:30 PM for dinner 10:30 to bed for kids. However much I try, I end up eating more at dinner time.

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