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    What had been your worst experience with an ill fitted dress?

    People often buy new dresses for occasions like wedding in the family etc. Such dresses are generally much more expensive than the normal clothings which we buy for day to day use. Sometimes, due to shortage of time or many such other reasons people end up buying ill fitting clothes.

    Nowadays, in malls and other big stores, facility of trial rooms is made available but still in most of the cases, dresses are bought from conventional types of shops where such facilities are not provided. Wearing an ill fitting dress for a long duration is not a cake walk.

    What had been your worst experience while wearing an ill fitted dress?
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    So far I have not faced any issues regarding ill fitted ready made dresses. Since I know my right size and also know the right fitting I want , I shall make purchases only at the designated stores which guarantees exchange of the dress when the fitting is not right. Moreover there is a trial room in each floor to get satisfied with the fitting of the dress and only on our satisfaction, we shall make purchases. If the fitting has little difference, nothing matters, but no one would buy ill fitted ready made as per my calculations. Nevertheless it would be catch 22 situation if the shop owner refuse to accept the exchange.
    K Mohan
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    I have a good dressing sense (My daughter used to say), and I never wear an ill fitting dress. Even my casual wear will be perfectly fitting. I do not move out in lungie and chapal. I always tuck in my shirt, and wear a belt. I wear shoes or backstrap footwear. I don't like to wear a neck tie, but if the occasion warrants, I am for it.
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    During last year I and my wife planned a tour my native place. While packing the luggage we have forgotten to pack my shirts. We remembered only when we started from my house and almost near to the airport. Then we decided we will purchase two T-shirts in any shop on the way as the time is very short and traffic was very heavy. We have seen a small shop selling ready-made garments. I have gone there and that shopkeeper has taken the measurement and given me two T-shirts. I have not tried wearing there at the time was very short. After reaching the native place I have taken on the shirt and tried it. It is very tight fit. The other one was a good fit. I don't understand after measuring also how that shop owner gave me two different sizes. Somehow I managed that week with these two shirts. It was a little inconvenient wearing that shirt but there was no choice. I used that shirt for a few days only that too in the house in the nights only.
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    This has happened once a few years back while buying ready made trousers. On the display rack, we would see many trousers folded or hung as per the size. I chose one from the hanger that had my size but didn't check the inside of the pant for the size ( it was two inches shorter). In a hurry for a function, completed the shopping, when I had to wear it, I realized the mistake, nothing could be done. I wore the pant and then the shirt without tucking it in. It was very uncomfortable especially sitting and standing up and during meal time.Since then, when I come to the packing/billing counter, I try to check the inner label once.

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    So far I have not faced this type of problem. Whenever I purchase a dress for me I always try before purchasing. Once my wife gave me a gift of genes and shirt. I try at home and genes was not comfortable to me and I immediately went to that shop and change the genes to my comfort. I live in a suburban area Rampura, but at every readymade clothes shop, the trial room is available. So, I think in big cities this facility will available in every shop.
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    We earlier used to have the clothing that wasn't flexible. That day too had the case with me. When I was about to leave for the office my back nerves got a severe pain that I couldn't move much. The result of this was that I had to take a leave from the office. This took almost 2-3 days to get normal but still not comfortable but did manage to ride my bike. After that I replaced all my clothing / lower with the flexible outfits & also I increased my waist size to 34 inch from 32 inch. Although not a good experience but still remember that this happened when I bend myself in order to tighten the s hoe lace.

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    I have not worn any ill-fitted dress till now. Whenever I buy, I make sure to try it once and only when I am completely satisfied I will purchase the dress. Earlier, I used to buy a dress material and stitch it. Sometimes, the stitching would be inappropriate. It would either be too loose or tight. If alterations could be made on a dress after stitching was spoilt, then I would alter it and wear. If nothing could be done then I would discard it totally.

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    Yes it is a fact that every brand size is different from others and we cannot expect same fitting of the dress. It all depends on our experience to shop better.
    K Mohan
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    Sometimes we end up buying a garment with tight elastic. While wearing such tight garments we undergo a nagging effect and throughout the day our focus and attention remains diverted to its ill-effects.
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