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    Have you ever plucked a ripe fruit directly from branches of the tree?

    All of us eat different types of fruits. We generally buy such fruits from the market. However, the luckier one among us have fruit trees in their houses in the front yard or back yard. Such people get an opportunity to eat fresh fruits plucked directly from the branches of the tree.

    In the childhood, I used to pluck ripe guava fruit directly from the branch. The trees of common fruits like mango and black plum etc. are bigger in size and therefore generally, it is not possible to pluck the fruits directly from the branches practically.

    Have you ever plucked a ripe fruit directly from the branch of a tree?
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    It is always a elated and great feeling to have fruits bearing trees in the compound of the home and tasting it when required. In our house we have the Mango, Guava, Papaya and Pomegranate and when ever it becomes ripe, we used to pluck it and eat and the feeling would be great. Especially the children would love to eat the guava fruit. If we are not plucking and eating, the neighbour would have his hands as the branches also protrude in to their compound. Hence there would be strict vigil and watch on the ripen fruits and they are regularly picked and plucked by any one of the family.
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    I used to many times till I was in my home town. The preferred were the Guava & the Mango. We used to have a big garden & had vegetables too like Tomatoes, the Banana, the Fava Beans etc. The list can a bit lengthy. Now the time has changed as we are now grown-ups adults & seems to be not having that much place to plough.

    We enjoyed something that the coming generation wouldn't ever be able to experience.

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    I had opportunities to belt stones and get the mangoes to eat. My cousin has a farm land where he grows the fruit trees. Many a times I had plucked guaua, custard apple, pomegranate, amla, grapes directly from the tree. Eating sugarcane was a special experience. And also the palm fruits in the form of roots (Panangilangu in Tamil)
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    The childhood days are unforgettable in the sense we enjoy the company of like minded boys and our topics ranged to cricket to misbehaviour of the teaches. Then we flocked together to the fields having innumerable trees of mangoes laden with mangoes having yellow charecter sticks. Suresh my pet friend used to climb the trees along with cluster of the boys and plucked the mangoes mercilessly till the weight of mangoes reached to the level of 15 kg. There was a security staff posted to look after the trees. Sometimes, he caught us red handed but in that case, we used to get a commission of 20 percent of the mangoes accumulated. Such daring activities of those days remind me of the sheer enjoyment we enjoyed with the inner core of the heart.

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    I have done it many times. In my native place in our house, we have guava plants and we are able to hold the fruits of those trees by our hands.
    In my Hyderabad house, a have about 100 sft land at the back of my house. There my wife planted banana trees and a mango tree. The mango tree has given fruits last year. we plucked fruits riped on the tree and ate them.
    From a Banana tree, we can't pluck the fruit. We have to cut the tree and take out the bunch of fruits. recently a banana tree also gave fruits and they were very tasty. My wife is very happy that she could do something for the environment by planting the trees and at the same time, she is helping the family in getting some fruits from the kitchen garden.

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    As kids, we have small gangs and often our only job for hours would be to venture out on compound walls to pluck guava, sapota and custard apple ( those days, many houses would have these trees at the corner of the plot that would overgrow the compound wall). Their have been times when the owners would shout and shoo us away. But that was a good time.

    During holidays in our village plucking mangoes and jamun fruit (that leaves a violet color on the tongues) was a favorite pastime. The boys in the village are simple but smart. They used to have a brown twine/thread, one end would have a small curved sickle like blade. This would be tossed on to a branch and the tugged to cut down mangoes and bunches of jamun fruits.

    There's a saying about hardwork, risk and success in life that goes something like this.If you want to taste the ripest fruit, you need the courage to go farthest out on a limb (tree branch).

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