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    Why Reliance Jio punishing the sincere customers and giving sops to new entrants ?

    We all know that Reliance Jio with LYF phones came with the best offer and handset some months back and many owned it. During the launch the phone was costing 1500 and customers got some freebies in talk time. And later the minimum talk time recharge has been 153 per month for unlimited talk time and data. Now in the recent days the same hand set is given free, and the new customers are lured with 49 rupees for three months unlimited talk time and data. But the exiting customers are asked to recharge for 153 per month. Why this differentiation?
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    These are into business wherein I don't know where the customer satisfaction stays but the outcome is expected in terms of money. The way the JIO was introduced was easy to understand that the company was into marketing & wanted to explore the existing customers from all across the telecom sector.

    It's a harsh reality but still remains the truth behind its growth & performance in its different segments.

    But why to blame the company. It's the strategy which formed earlier & now being in the status of implementation. We got shifted to JIO as we found that good in terms of financially as well as performance. If this gets less attractive then we will be looking for somewhere else. Everyone is working on there terms & conditions.

    So no one to blame. On the positive side the rates throughout has been reduced which were not available for us since long. Its going to be interesting about what's going to be the next scenario.

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    What I suggest is you can discontinue your old connection and go for a new connection. You will get free phone and 49 rupees plan. Then you don't recharge your old sim. Yesterday my son has taken a phone to his wife from JIO. It is not free of cost. They charged Rs,1500/-. I don't whether you are talking about a different plan. Just yesterday onlly it happened.
    But JIO has done very well for the mobile users. Because of them, the customers are getting the service with very fewer charges. Initially, when I started using a cell phone my phone bill was more than Rs.5000/- a month. of course, my employer was paying the bill. After competition by different service providers, the bill has come down to Rs. 1500/-. But now with the latest entry of JIO, my phone bill for a month is just Rs.450/- including the data charge also.

    always confident

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    Any service sector depends on its customer base to survive and grow. For a small shop, maintaining regular or old customers becomes very important and hence loyal/old clients get some perks and special attention.

    Any large MNC or private service provider has to generate revenue to keep the sales number steadily climbing. They also have a fierce competition from other service providers. SO, to attract a large number of clients and build the client base, they would have to have lucrative offers and unbelievably low prices. This would bring in far more large number of new registrations. So, no surprise that Jio is 'ignoring' old customers. Old customers would just carry on or if they feel cheated, they would change the service provider.

    In some services that are renewed annually, loyalty bonus is given to existing customers to retain them. This is typical in health and automobile insurance sectors.

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    This policy is not only Jio but almost all the telecom company use this policy. They do not offer old customer any new policy but always give attractive offers to the new customer. This policy is to increase their customer. They should also offer the old customer with new one.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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