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    How to adjust while visiting an outstation relative for attending wedding ceremonies etc?

    Weddings of children are major and once in a lifetime events for parents. On such occasions, the parents send invitations to as many relatives as possible out of which most to them prefer to participate in anticipation that the gesture will be reciprocated when their turn will come in future.

    As far as local guests are concerned, they come, participate in the events and go back to their houses located in the same city. However, the outstation guests require living accommodation also. Generally, under such circumstances a number of persons get assembled irrespective of the size of the host's house which depends on his/her financial status.

    Is it alright to make one's own arrangement in such cases by booking hotel accommodation etc.? How to adjust while visiting an outstation relative for attending wedding ceremonies etc?
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    Generally, it is the duty of the host to get the living arrangements done for the outstation invitees. The middle class families hire a nearby house or book lodges near the venue. However, the guest should be prepared to make their own arrangement without anticipating the gesture of the host. There are hosts who would book tickets and pay for the train fare or bus fare also. If the guest has relatives or friends in the station, they will be comfortable, if no relative or friends, then the problem arises.

    Last year, when I was invited to attend my friend's son's marriage in Secunderabad, the bride's father booked onward and return journey tickets for me and my wife, and also arranged a lovely accommodation in a star hotel.

    When I conducted my daughter's marriage, I ensured to hire hotel rooms for the outstation guests.

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    In villages, the hosts will take one or two houses belonging to their friends or relatives nearby their house. They will see that their guests will be accommodated in those houses. If there are some relatives of the guests coming to the marriage in the same place, the guests will go there and from there they will come and attend the marriage. In villages, there is no problem for commuting as they are very small places.
    In towns and cities, people started hiring function halls for a marriage function. These days the function halls will have some rooms which will be distributed among the relatives of the bride and the relatives of the groom as required. If that accommodation is not sufficient the host will try to get an apartment for hire for one month or so.
    The rich and well to di hosts will hire some rooms in the hotels nearby and accommodate the guests in those rooms.

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    At functions like this, the guests would be invited from many places. I personally feel, the host should not be trouble by the thoughts of making all arrangements for food, transport and stay, especially, if they do nto have much support. We should not impose on the hosts who would already be burdned with many jobs and other deadlines.

    It's sad to see some guests insist on all the arrangements to be made by the hosts or else it would be taken as an insult. I can understand, if the guest is an elderly couple or senior citizens who are new to the place.

    We, personally do not take the liberty of staying at other relatives houses at such functions because, the culture of guest and host has undergone a lot of change and present day youngsters do not like somebody barging into the homes for a day or two even if their own parents wouldn't feel so. So, when possible we stay in our in-laws house, if not we book a room take our own time to get ready, travel to the venue and then coming back.

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    Normally the hosts who are inviting the outstation friends and relatives must be making arrangements for staying of out side guests during marriages. But people does not want to escalate the expenses of the host and hence make their own arrangement for staying. If like minded people and family are attending, then they would book a lodge near the place of function and then check out from there itself. Some have the arrangement to stay at the function hall the last night and leave after the marriage. As far as possible we should not bother the hosts with lodging and boarding issues.
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    In our country, it is a general practice to invite relatives and friends for attending the marriage ceremony of son or daughter.

    When the guests are coming from outside then they will be bearing the to and fro ticket themselves but they expect a good accommodation for them to be arranged by the host.

    When the host is not able to make such elaborate arrangements and the outstation guests are adjusted in small rooms then it becomes very inconvenient for outstation guests.

    It is very difficult to change the existing traditions and if we expect from outstation guests to have their own arrangement then it will be asking too much from them.

    If all the people are not on the same financial platform then the arrangement done by a particular person may differ from that of another person.

    Frankly speaking, whatever arrangements are done by the host it should be acceptable to the guests and they should not unnecessarily criticize it.

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