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    Reading ''Prothom Protishruti'' (The First Promise) on the Women's Day

    This is the most famous trilogy (Satyabati, Subarnalata, Bakul-katha) of Bengali literature which depicts the journey of Bengali women from the darkness of medieval superstition to modernity in a deceptively simple language. This trilogy of Ashapoorna Devi vividly describes how Bengali women of three generations fought against every obstruction, every superstition to continue the journey towards the light of modernity. The struggle, hopes and aspirations of three generations of Bengali women provide an extremely detailed picture of the society during nineteenth and twentieth centuries of Bengal.

    The Jnanpith Award-winning novel of Ashapoorna Devi tells us that during the long and arduous journey of the women, many men co-operated with them. Many women, who themselves don't take part in the journey towards progress, indirectly helped the progressive women. At the same time, many men and women created barriers to this progress. The novel indirectly tells us not to stereotype men and women.

    This famous novel is giving me a wonderful insight into the life and struggle of women of India. On this women's day, I ask everyone to read this trilogy (translated into English) to understand the arduous journey of Indian women in the pursuit of education and independence.
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    Yes. They travelled a long way to reach the position of today. The society initially a man dominated society and ladies confines themselves to the kitchens. But not only women but men also fought for the freedom to ladies. Today we a lot of change. Females also participating in almost all activities and proving that they are no less in any way to the males. in fact in some instances there overtaking men also. For this present day position, there were many who sacrificed and struggled for bringing them up.The Jnanpith Award-winner Ashapoorna Devi's struggle for this position is to be appreciated and we should be happy for the change that has taken place in the society.
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    A meaningful thread on Women's Day Mr.Partha. If one has to look back at the soceity few decades ago and compare the life of women from the bygone era to the present women in India, it would be unbeleviable.

    Times were far more harsher on women in those days with the rigid concepts and restrictions being applied regarding their expressions, their desires, their personal freedom etc. Today, we have women in almost every sphere of modern life that you can think of. Yes there would still be people who raise objections but by and large most want women to progress.

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    Is that written in Bengali or is there translation in English. The literature seems to be deeper insight on womens emancipation in initial days . If the author has the book, he can share some highlights in this forum.
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    The book is written in three parts depicting different types of struggle of three women of three generations in the pursuit of education and independence. In the first part, Satyabati is a woman who was married of at an age of 8, became a widow very early in her life, suffered mental and physical torture, but was determined to give education to herself and her daughter, Subarnalata. Subarnalata was a woman born in the early twentieth century. Bakul, the daughter of Subarnalata, was brought up just after independence.

    As far as I know, the first two parts of the trilogy have been translated in English, but not very sure about the third part.

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    Submit an article about the book & your views on it.
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    Madam, can I review a Bengali book on this platform?
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    You can pick up the Bengali version but translate aptly in English and thus bring out more information on her works by that great author and an article would be a befitting tribute.
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