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    How do you manage your time very effectively?

    I read a lot of motivational and inspirational books. Each book at least for one time, says, one needs to manage the time well to get success in every task. I just wonder how to manage the time very easily and effectively? Sometimes methods in books seem very theoretical.

    What is your daily routine? How do you finish your daily goals within stipulated time? Which tools are you using to get your work done?

    Let us discuss this personal time management task.
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    The first and foremost step of time management may be to prioritise the ongoing tasks or activities and to accept that everything cannot be achieved simultaneously. After that the next step may be to be realistic in cutting off some of the activities which are being carried out in vain or just for the heck of it.

    Nowadays, for most of the people obsessive indulgence with social media is one of the worst time waster. Therefore, as far as contemporary time management is concerned, one will have to see to it that unnecessarily time is not wasted on social media on one pretext or the other.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Using the time effectively is the essence of time management. Planning the work before you start and approximate time required for each step and thinking of how more activities can be planned and giving a reasonable time and completing it as decided is what effective time management. Generally, when we start a work we will not work out smaller details which will give problem in the actual execution. So we will be losing a lot of time because of this improper planning.
    If you see a lady working in kitchen smartly, we can understand how we can manage the time effectively. She plans her work in such a way that no time is wasted and the material in the kitchen will be arranged in such a way that she can reach them quickly. The multi-tasking skills of ladies can be better understood by seeing them working in kitchens. This talent only making ladies better entrepreneurs these days.

    always confident

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    Whenever we read the effective time managment strategies, we should remember that it is not practical to be done every day for an average person and some techniques would be cumbersome for a few of us. At least, this is what I have epxerienced so far. The human mind is like an untamed horse and many times a day, it just wanders. What I mean is efffective use of time is always hindered by disturbances and our lack of focus.

    For me, the morning begins often at time. By lunch time a delay of upto an hour creeps up. At the end of the day, I would end up staying an hour or hour and half extra on at least 4 days a week. The error may be due to me or just the circumstances. Initially, I used to feel very bad but now, I don't pay too much heed to this unless, there is an important deadline to be met.

    When we talk about time management, I think, we should also think along the lines of time we have to spent with family, time take to arrange important/legal documents in order, timely purchase,investments, insurance policies, health checks etc. When we are effective in the long term time management, our lives would be better.

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