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    Every major decision taken by the government must go through the scrutiny committee of parties.

    Every now and then big scams are coming to the forth and there are enough allegations of commissions being paid to get the contract or fulfil the deal. Though there is a public accounts committee headed by the leader of the opposition party, it comes into picture after the damage has been done to the exchequer. Instead there should be scrutiny committee of all the political parties in the opposition , so that much transparency into the deals can be ensured. Will there be such arrangements in future , would you support that ?
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    No, in my opinion, these scams and corruption are deep-rooted in the society. There will be two audits for every bank in a year. But the scams are not seeing the light of the day years together. It indicates that all are part of the misdeeds. Similarly, every party will have their own priorities and they will have their own interests. As such, there is no use in having committees. Definitely, these committees will ignore certain facts in taking the decision and only after the happening only they start criticizing the other parties.
    As long as the mindset of these politicians and bureaucrats will change nobody can bring in the discipline in these people. Anyhow it will be good if the point is discussed in a committee consisting of all the parties as the responsibility will become collective and one can't blame the other if this is done sincerely and scrupulously.

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    I would like to support but that system will never come in our country . Because every where in every office you find n number of scandals by the officer's or if they are loyal they will have to pay for it in future. Recent situation in Bangalore Lokayuktha judge had to face it. One person randomly entered his cabin and attempted to kill him with knife he has pierced him to his body with many injuries. He is in ICU with out of danger. For this to happen is the entire failure of the system around him. Now in this matter how can the scrutiny committee take action and will the political parties allow to move further.

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    This is one of subject matter that does interest to me. This is the evergreen topic that we always have something to implement in order to increase the efficiency & productivity of the system.

    The problem with us is that we only interested in these happenings when this happens to us or when there is an election & even in that case through news channels. As the system is getting more & more transparent we also need to contribute on our end through various available social platform. For every institution including private or the public is having scrutiny departments which has the responsibility of MIS activities of different information which is as per required. But they are not the decision making entity & at the same time can't control the decisions taken by the management or their bosses.

    Ending with the suggestion that responsibility needs to be fixed rather then getting shifting each time as these may result in the beginning of the blaim game.

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    Transparency is a joke in some institutions because corruption is one of the oldest social evils. Everyone now and then we hear of transfer or IAS officers, District Commissioners. There would be honest upright officers who would be intimidated, transferred or even sadly found dead under suspicious circumstances.

    So, why does this happen? The simple answer is people in power and high ranking officials collude to prevent the truth and the wrong dealing from coming out.

    Hence, any such committee would not be foolproof because the nature of work and the huge sums involved would make the people become corrupt.

    What we need is the data to be available in the public domain, there are numerous retired officers and educated people who can pick up errors and discrepancies which would be questioned by the public and the Government agencies should be duty bound to explain it.

    For instance, if the number of loans given to the PNB scam inventors was in the public domain, I'm sure that someone would have picked it up and then raised an issue like RTI or a PIL.

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