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    Do you feel insulted when your thread does not get the attention of regulars in this forum ?

    The aim of every member of this great site is to garner attention by hoisting their best ideas and views through the forum post and expect greater discussions and responses to their threads. In fact they would be eager to know the reactions of the regulars who often visit their posts and register their feelings. But sometimes threads are not attended even by the regulars even after so many days and the post pushed to the back pages. Do you feel insulted when your thread was not seen or not responded by even regulars. Say something on this.
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    As a regular Member of ISC who wants instant feedback/reaction from other Members, I posted some of my above average creations in Forum section, although I knew very well that these posts were fit for Articles section. So, needless to say that I feel disheartened when my Forum posts miss the attention of other Members, especially if those posts are well-researched ones. But I feel more disheartened and sometime angry when the responses are not fully relevant to the post. Some Members post responses in a hurry without carefully reading the entire post.

    I am sure that other regular Members also feel the same.

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    I don't feel so because the generator of the thread true to his or her heart can judge whether their thread is a good one or another one just for the sake of completing the quota.

    I often respond to a thread if I can make a difference by adding to existing information. I resist writing stories or quote elaborate examples for the sake of filling up the lines without any spacing to get the points.

    I would rather not have many replies as sometimes people just check the title, skim the content and type it. If a person understands the thread, takes a few minutes to format a reply, then certainly it would be meaningful.

    I agree with Mr.Partha, some threads are well researched but may not get many replies probably because they would find it difficult to add more or the subject would not be of their liking or it would be controversial.

    So, we should not feel unhappy or disheartened as long as the thread is worthy to be discussed and as long as the replies are not out of context or replies that derail a thread.

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    I can say that I feel insulted when my post does not get full attention in the forum section. I can understand that members share their opinion in the threads which are relevant to them. Sometimes good thread does not get response then I felt sad. It has happened couple of times that I post a good thread but only 2-3 three response in that thread.
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    I think the authors should remain equanimous even if the thread is not getting any response. Is it not enough that the ISC is not charging any fee for publishing content?

    Not only that the authors should honour the decision of editors in respect of deleting any thread or reducing the earned points to zero.

    It is a human nature that recognition in any form gives pleasure but we have no right to demand it.

    There is one more aspect of the issue also. Generally, outstanding threads are seldom raised in the forum. Most of the topics covered are repetitions only except those threads raised after reading morning newspaper or watching television news channels.

    Many authors raise threads just for the heck of it with the limited objective of earning few points for maintaining their membership level. Needless to mention here, there has to be a limit to the human creativity and trying to be too prolific is bound to result in production of substandard thread revolving around stale ideas.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    We will feel delighted if we get good responses to our threads. In ISC many of the posts in this thread section we get 2 or 3 responses definitely. I will try to restrict my response to a post as relevant as possible. At the same time I always feel giving examples and writing some good stories in the forum responses will give a better look to the answers. Even in teaching also many teachers try to give some suitable examples to explain certain concepts which will make us understand the subject in a better way. Again the responses will always depend on the subject of the post. There are certain posts where there will be a good chance to add information or discuss in detail. But some posts there will not be much scope for that. Again giving a response to a thread will depend on the subject knowledge of the member also. I am having a habit of looking back my posts for the responses and read them to know the opinions of other persons on the subject.
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    Mohan ji,
    There is no question of feeling insulted if my thread is not responded by the members. There are few members who never miss to respond a thread. As Partha and Natarajan said, I will be feeling bad against the member who respond with irrelevant information as they are habituated of responding each and every forum thread with the chief aim of scoring points. I need not pin point the members. It can be understood clearly.

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    By observing the favourable reactions of the readers would certainly delight one having posted in the thread. The situation may be somewhat opposite sometimes when no response is forthcoming. It may be because of the fact that other postings have infatuated the readers in a great way making them busy in expressing their reactions on such postings. The readers should not feel humiliated for such ignorance. It could have been still worse by witnessing a distasteful posting making you irritated for the time being.
    Your contributions are certainly going to be appreciated provided you could make quality postings.

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    Good thread to have a GD. I think this thread itself will have maximum responses. Now coming to the thread topic, No I won't get insulted because insulting according to means giving negative review in-spite of being correct. If nobody responses to my thread it is not insulting instead I feel that I should improve more in this matter and I read other threads who have gained more number of response so that even I can put up the similar views on a different topic.
    Forum writing in ISC is just like bowling in cricket it can go 6, 4, no ball etc. So I don't find any issues or insulting if nobody responses.

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    I do not feel insulted when my post do not get responses as expected. What I feel under such situations is the contents of the post do not deserve comments. May be it is an odd one. Recently I posted a thread relating to 'rethinking about our own life', there were only three reactions. I wondered why it is so, and settled with the answer as mentioned above. I have noted this shortage of response for posts related to science topics.
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    This kind of doubt and worry is expressed by many authors in the past also.
    It is just a natural curiosity and enthusiasm to see may response to one's posts and more appreciations also. This happens initially when one is new to the forum. Generally seasoned members respond in an encouraging way to such threads , with some subtle suggestions, if needed.

    However when one becomes more experienced and gets a real feeling of the many threads appearing and how they are responded, one gets a cue that readers have their own areas of interest. Those need not necessarily be the same as the writer.
    One should understand that the word(even virtual world) is so large that every one has his worthy and rightful space in it. There will be many who are in same wavelength as the writer on that thread and many who may be totally different. Some people have the knack to gauge the pulse of the audience and create posts which will be appealing to more people. They are lucky or smart and successful.

    However not all will be so. Average is most.
    So let us be realistic that there may be many reading our threads , but may not necessarily responding . Some who would have otherwise interested might not have sen the post itself due to their absence at that time or due to lack of visibility of the thread as many thread came after that and filled the pages.

    So there need not be any need for remorse,regret or rancour if our thread does not get more responses -including that from regulars. There is also chance that the posts will be read at a later time too.

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