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    The only automobile-free hill station of Asia

    No, the picturesque hill station is not located on the lap of the Himalayas. It is very near to Mumbai. Many citizens of Mumbai spend their weekends in the small but pollution-free hill station. Automobiles are not permitted in this hill station and ponies carry the luggage in this town. Like most of the hill-stations of India, this was also developed by the British.

    There are around 35 tourist spots in this hill station of Maharashtra, the most prominent of which is Panorama Point, where the tourists can enjoy the 360-degree view of the surrounding areas.

    Have you visited Matheran, the only automobile-free hill station of Asia? This beautiful hill station is located only at a distance of 80 kilometres from Mumbai.
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    An ambulance operated by the Municipality is the only automobile allowed in Matheran.
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    Another good information from the author. I had been to Mumbai many times but I never visited this place. Even I don't know about Matheran. Had I know I might have visited this place. How to go to the hilltop if no automobiles are allowed. Do we have to go only by walk? This is very nice to know that even in our country there is a place where there is a concern for Environment. Is it possible to implement the same practice in other hill stations also?
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    Dr. Rao: Generally the tourists walk around the town. However, for aged people, horse-drawn tongas are available.

    What Mr. Kailash Kumar has stated is correct. There is only one motor car, i.e., an ambulance in this small town.

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    That gives me the great doubt as to how the people live in that small town without vehicle allowed there. And how the business goes on without transporting goods to Matheran.
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    An excellent concept, barring emergencies, no automobiles operated. For elders and people who cannot walk, we can have electric vehicles, can't we? Most places I've visited, I find people having the concept of not even walking a few hundred yards but moving everywhere in vehicles often leading to overcrowded roads and narrow lanes (Ooty and Kodaikanal).

    This would be a good move for being an eco-friendly holiday or tourist spot.This would encourage only the like-minded or people who are aware of nature, its preservation to visit such places. It would weed out the unruly crowd on two and four wheelers who are often a nuisance at the popular tourist spots.

    It would be a good idea to see whether this plan would be logistically applicable to some other areas around the country. Wiki, also states that Matheran is the smallest hill station in India, maybe this is the reason to keep it automobile-free.

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