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    Abraham Lincon's letter: A must read letter

    There are many letters in history but I want to share one of this letter which greatly touched my heart. I am talking about the letter of Abraham Lincon's written to his son's teacher. When I was a college student, I had read this letter first time and it had a great impact on me. In my opinion, every student, parent and teacher must read this letter. It is more important in the present scenario. members, have you read this letter? Please share your opinion in this thread. IF you have not read this letter so far, I am attaching this letter. Please read and share your opinion.
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    After seeing this post I have gone to google site and searched for the English version of the Letter and I read it. If a teacher can teach all the points written in the letter no single boy in this world will become a bad citizen. The practicability of doing this is really tough. But we wish this should happen. No child is bad by birth but he will imbibe those qualities by learning from his family members, neighbours and fellow students. So if a teacher can teach that failing is better than passing by cheating, no student will try to get marks in any illegal manner. If the parents and teachers are good and try to teach all ethics to the kid, the kid will also become a good citizen. Really the letter is very thought-provoking and as mentioned by the author everyone should read the letter. One will understand the importance of the teacher and the school by reading this letter. A good post by the author.
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    Since your attached letter of Abraham Lincon is in Hindi, I am not able to read and understand it fully. However, I think, I have read the letter in English few years ago. Great leaders always write great letters and speak good words.
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    I read the Enlgish version, great thoughts from a noble mind.If the present day teachers and parents read and implement this, hlaf the problems of the world will disappear.

    Abraham Lincon came from a poor family and learn't a lot on his own. I don't know the year in which it was written, probably early 1800s but it sounds far more truthful and applicable in present day world. The beautiful letter reflects the maturity of a honest upright father who has seen the world and how he would like his son to be treated by the teacher and the education to be imparted.

    Of the many phrases in the letter, I liked the one 10 cents earned is far more valuable that 1 dollar found, how to lose gracefully and lastly to sell his brain to the highest bidder but never put a tag on his heart and soul.

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    Thanks, everyone to respond to my thread. Members are requested to read the English version of this letter in you can't read in Hindi. It is available on many sites on the internet. But I can not attach that letter due to copyright issue and ISC will not allow me to do so. So I request everyone to read this letter.
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