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    Do you support work from home option?

    Work from home is very common these days, especially in software companies. A person can sit at home and do the work according to his convenience and can go to the office once in a while or only when required. When asked people if they like going or office or working from home, often there are mixed reviews. Some say working at the office is much better as they will be free after returning home. While others say, working at home is better as we get our own space and can be comfortable at home.
    As per my observation, a person working from home will have extra work than a person sitting at office. Also communicating with other colleagues and understanding things becomes tedious. Moreover, if a person plans to work from home on any particular day, he extends his working time beyond 11pm also which is the case even with my husband. So I am against this system.

    Do you like work from home or otherwise? What are your opinions about it?
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    Working from once in a while is a good aspect. Sometimes we may have to attend domestic works. We can't apply for leave because of urgencies at the office. In such situations, it is really a good option to work from home. The young people staying alone and working may like to go once in a while to their parents. During such times if work from home option is given they can have more time to stay with the parents. But daily working from home and going to the office once in a while will bring in a more casual approach and we will never follow timings. During office hours we will be going for some personal works and hence completing the work will become longer and late hours also we may also have to work. This practice will create a problem with the family members also they will think that we are spending more time on office works. There are some jobe in which we may have to work from home after working the whole day in the office. Those jobs will be very suffocating but they may be rewarding financially.
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    Good forum to put our reviews. In this matter for ladies who are married I would prefer work from home till the children go to school for full time that is at least five to six years after the child is born, which I am doing right now. The reason is, there is nobody to look after them after school, where I am not keen in admitting them to day care by hearing lot of scandal's. More over they need my attention for few more years as per the present environment and generation thoughts. This is my point for married women's with kids and others they can go for work or choose to work from home its as per their compatibility.

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    Since long the concept of work from home positions are more popular & on demand than ever. The overall objective was to increase the productivity of the employee without effecting the personal life. In the mean time more and more companies are offering remote jobs and the employees are eager to snatch them up. The latest technology including the easy availability of internet connectivity through has been paid off for this. Adding, telecommuting offering the opportunities for increased flexibility and greater control over your life and schedule.

    It's understandable that a large group of people find this kind of arrangement appealing and are looking for work-from-home opportunities. The fact also is that in either way we are also doing the job while not staying in office. The mobile has made this possible.

    Unlike the above benefits this doesn't consists of the environment that earlier seemed to be having the image of. For example, there is going to be more interference on the personal life of the employee.

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    With the technological advances and ease of flow of data through the internet it has been now possible to work from a remote place especially the white collar jobs. This trend is picking up and many organisations are allowing their women force to opt for it.

    There are many other advantages of such an arrangement like these measures will help in reducing road traffic and people will not be exposed to outside pollution.

    In certain work areas, it is not possible especially in attending the customers across the counter and similar situation.

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    I am totally against the work from the home culture for various reasons. Firstly the candidate who opts for the work from home thinks that he can attend home chores and work. But seldom it happens as he would stay put in his computer room not even taking the lunch or the snacks in time. Moreover those who are working from the home does not have the full support of his team members and thus he should cope up with the task on his own and no help. And at the house, no one is allowed inside the computer room and the candidate works more than the stipulated work time. In many cases the children feel like playing with the father as he was at home, but not allowed to do so, thus frustration among the children and wife also gets annoyed over such behaviour. For house holds work from home is no use
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    There are some jobs and some aspects of the jobs that can be and cannot be done with work from home policy. So, once we know the difference, then, yes we can support this move.

    For instance in healthcare sector, there are some job that can be done from home (medical transcription, some aspects of telemedicine consultations etc) but most would need our physical presence.

    Likewise, backoffice support work, regular monthly reports, proof reading, editing articles and print media reports etc can be done from home.

    The problems I see with work from home is about productivity, the actual time spent on office work because even at when in office some employees would be doing their own work and wasting time.

    There would be the issue of confidentiality, regarding clients, their purchases, money transactions etc. There could be a breach in confidentiality agreement clause between the supplier and the client. This can lead to litigations.

    The other issue also would be data security. For instance, if banks allow or outsource their credit card billing from home options, this can be misused or sold to vested interests.

    Hence, work from home would be a good option based on the sector and the employer vs employee understanding and high standards of professional ethics.

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