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    Prospects for women at work place.

    No doubt, there is a good progress in creating equality for women with men in all fronts. But in the professional front, a lot is to be done. The recently released ILO report says the equal rights to ladies in working area are still a dream only. Many places the payment to ladies is less when compared to gents. The unemployment rate for ladies is about 6% which is more by 0.8% corresponding to that of men. The availability of jobs ratio between ladies and gents is almost 3:5. In management posts, gents are almost 4 times more than the ladies. The quality of jobs allotted to ladies is also not in comparison with that of men. Mainly in Arab countries and North African countries, the unemployment rate is almost double to that of Gents. But in East Europe and North America, the unemployment rate is high in gents than ladies.
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    The prospects of job opportunities are generally limited. But it is not dependent on the sex, that is what I feel. Equality of both the sex in jobs has not attained. But in certain sectors women are seen more in Kerala. For example, among school teachers women are more in number, almost double the number of male teachers. Similar is the case with office staff. In banks also women workers are more. But among technical staff their number is seen a bit less.
    In companies we see more male staff, especially where there are night shifts. Among the bus crew recently ladies have started to enter. Similar is in the case of taxi or auto drivers, where also women have started to share the job.

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    I do agree that treatment still differ within men & a women but at the same time I also agree to the fact that today's progress & promotion depends upon the performance irrespective of the sex that one belong to. In work environments where both men and women felt that the company was making progress toward gender diversity within its top ranks, all genders were more likely to aspire to a leadership position. For women at a pivotal part of their career,

    There are still few famous names like,
    1. Vanitha Narayanan, Managing Director, IBM India Private Limited
    2. Neelam Dhawan, Managing Director, HP India
    3. Aruna Jayanthi, CEO, Capgemini India
    4. Kirthiga Reddy, Head of Office, Facebook India
    5. Kumud Srinivasan, President, Intel India

    We still can be continue with the bigger names but our intentions here is to understand the scenario & this gives an understanding of the many skills among women.

    Adding, we are also aware of the harassment at the work places but is the same case with the male worker also but sadly this never became the part of our discussion.

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    The change is noticeable, a few decades ago we could see women in banks at the cash counter, billing section of Government offices, constables in the department. Now, we see women in high ranking jobs more and more. Given the way the Indian society was in the past to now, there is a change, we need to continue the pace of this change.

    The gender bias in work and pay exists all around the world, this cannot be changed overnight or even in a couple of years, this would take a couple of decades at least to accept women in employment as equals. These changes cannot be forced upon as we would have resistance and unrest that would be counterproductive in the various sectors. This has to be done in a graded fashion, then we would be successful in getting more job openings for women.

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