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    When we learn from the failures, others ape our success so easily, why ?

    In daily life we learn many things from our failure, but once we achieve the success, immediately that has been aped or copied by others without hesitation or shyness. For example even a good article written on this site gets copied and presented in different way in other sites. That means people does not want to spend their energy, mind and time, but simply want to ape other's ideas with much fineness. Even when you are doing a new dish and tell the friends about the same, the next day the same would be tried and made and they credit of having created the new dish.
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    It is true that doing anything for the first time is really a great issue. But once it is done it will be easy to copy the same thing and repeating it. That is why when new inventions are done immediately people will go for patenting the same. Once it is patented nobody can copy the same without the permission of the inventor. But I don't know whether small issues like making a new dish and similar things can be patented or not. But it is good that what we have done is appreciated by some people. It will be nice if they refer our work and acknowledge the same in their article that they have the reference of our works. Similarly if the dish done by somebody is repeated somewhere if they refer about us to the eaters it will be a nice gesture. If somebody wants to use your material they should contact you and get your permission. That will be a good gesture.
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    It's human nature to follow the path that has already been tread. Everyone wants to be successful, hence many people try the time tested formula to achieve success. Only a few would be innovative enough to do something unique and different. Everyone has the liberty to do what they feel is correct, like one successful fruit vendor in the locality would give an idea to other fruit vendors and they would also try their hand.

    For instance, the original drug would have been researched and produced after hard work by brand X, after a few months or years, brand Y would just borrow the formula with or without consent and start making its own.

    Superhit movies in one language would attract the attention of some in the film industry to buy the rights, dub it and then release and make a profit instead of trying their hands in a new movie. As long as the original work is acknowledged or a royalty paid as agreed, I would say, it's fine.

    But copying or doing a business in a manner that the first individual suffers in loss or turnover and profit should not be allowed as it would unethical.

    On a more general note, we should learn from others mistakes also as we learn to use others success formulas.

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    There are many people who copy the good work of others and post it somewhere else as if it is their own. They do not even take pains to use the matter and modify and partially reproduce it in their own language.

    These people can get temporary recognition but in long run, they are identified, secluded and do not get long-term success.

    During examination also many people copy and exactly reproduce what their neighbors are writing on their respective copybooks though the examiner who is checking the copybook easily makes out the difference of the original writer and the one who is copying and accordingly allocates the marks to them.

    In today's world with sophisticated software and other methods, copycats are easily identified and many times are being punished also.

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    The temptation to copy others reflects the mentality of such people - to be recognised as a super hero in such crafts and the ironic part is that they don't exert any energy to modify or alter the version partially or otherwise. They are of the opinion that such imitation cannot be detected - at least to the point when he is to be honoured.
    Such phases are purely short lived and once it is exposed, they are sure to get humiliation and ultimately they loose rapport in their profession.
    Originality though it may not appear an attractive creation would attract many and such heroes would be regarded as the super masters.

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