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    Cheat and be cheated, the Indian way of life.

    We do our jobs but ignore the wrongdoings of the companies and some of us are corrupt and willfully turn a blind eye to whatever wrong that happens. For instance, a sales representative is given a sales target, he/she has to use unfair means to sell a product that is not needed in the first place or sell a sub-standard product.

    A healthcare sector employee is given targets for admissions, the number of tests to be conducted. So, the employee is forced to do these unnecessarily. A vehicle inspector takes a bribe and approves a road unworthy bus or lorry which would be involved in an accident later on.Employees in the food processing industry would know about the adulteration and substandard raw materials used but would carry on without raising their voices.

    In simple terms, we ignore the wrongs or by choice be part of the wrong deeds that certainly affects the end user. We get angry when somebody cheats us but in a way we are cheating others also. aren't we?
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    The author has made a good point. In India it is the nature of people to point out others mistakes but forget their mistakes very conveniently. Always they will say that the other person is at fault. Some people do wrong doings as they don't have no other option than doing that to live. But some people will do bad things to be comfortable and accumulate their wealth. Ultimately people who ate sincere and innocent people are suffering. Some will be doing mistakes for their professional improvement and some for their organisational success.
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    It is right on the part of the author to say that while the work pressure in every sector forces us to go out of bound and thus cheat others and also gets cheated. This is the way of life for every one.
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    A very thought provoking thread by the author. This is very true that we always talk of corruption and corruption reduction but when it comes to action we don't contribute to this endeavour.

    Many of us are suffering from this duality of the mind and we do not practice what we preach. It is an unfortunate situation but it is true.

    There are very few people who do not resort to corrupt practices. In fact, they also oppose such attempts by others.

    Until unless the governance in our system is improved and cleaning from top to bottom is achieved, we cannot hope much for the improvement in this situation.

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    Some (rather many people nowadays) think that whatever be the means, the goals justify mans. But many others -may be lesser than the previous category -including me too believe that not just goals, but means too should be right and justified.

    I am confident that I have not cheated any one and I can say that as I am a bit overcautious and not greedy, I have not been cheated much , except for some small matters, and on very less occasions. Thank God, get it be so only.
    I do not have any big and greedy ambitions,but live within my means and feel contented to be so. Thus I do not have need to resort to any corrupt practices. (I exclude small tips on certain situations.)

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    We are living under strained conditions. Being poor, we are not in a position to afford even the bare minimum necessities of life and therefore many of us tend to adopt short cuts or in other words corrupt practices for meeting both ends meet. Here I am talking about common people, not the likes of Vijay Mallya or Nirav Modi.

    Cheating has almost become redefined nowadays, often treated as a synonym of smartness. Politicians cheat us by making false promises during elections, fake babas like Ram Rahim and Asaram Bapu cheat us in multiple ways and even we cheat ourselves by turning a blind eye toward all pervasive corrupt practices.

    Are people of India not being cheated by being provided compromised candidates as public servants due to reservation policy?

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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