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    Why population management has fallen of the Government and Election agendas?

    India is the second most populous country in the world and by 2024 we are set to overtake China. In terms of land area, China is three times larger than India.

    I remember a few years ago, many reports of the rapidly rising Indian population and its impact on the country.Family planning and population management was very much part of the discussions in mass media and Government policy.

    These days, I don't such adverts or information updates in the common papers or channels. There are some many policies highlighted by so many political parties but population management does not figure in it.

    Have we become so self-sufficient that we can forget about the growing numbers. I raise this because we are already struggling for jobs, place to live and resources are getting scarce.
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    Many people these days are aware of the problems of more children. So they themselves are opting for family planning. But a particular religion people are against this family planning. So if you see the statistics their population is increasing.
    Initial stages people are not aware of family planning. So government was doing a lot of advertisement for that. We know in some states there were reports that operations were done to unmarried people also to reach their targets. Even at that time also people belonging to a particular community were against this and they never encouraged people undergoing operation.
    These days governments are not giving importance to this point. If we have to control population like in China of making an order that families having more than two children are not eligible to get any incentives including government jobs for all. Then only there may be a change.

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    A very good post. Nowadays the so-called intellectuals have stopped talking about the population explosion. Because if they talk/discuss this issue, they can't support arrival Rohingiyas and other Bangladeshis in India. So, they will not utter a word about population explosion for a long time. These intellectuals are least bothered about the population explosion. They are hell-bent on pursuing their destructive agenda.
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    Except during Indira Gandhi's regime, no PM ever thought of reducing the population and arrest its further growth. But she also failed because, she could not convince the Muslims to keep hum do hamare do concept but Hindus did take the call sincerely and even implemented it. In present day the death rate is also high and may be compensating with the growth of population. Natural disaster deaths, natural deaths, accidental deaths are in increase and that may in tandem with the birth of the child. Moreover the new couples who got married are also delaying to have children. All these matters slow down the growth of the population.
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