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    What do you understand by Spiritual Politics? Is there any such politics in politics?

    The great southern super star Rajnikanth is talking about Spiritual Politics. He says in Tamil "Aanmeega Arasiyal". What is this spiritual politics? How good is the spiritual politics ? How it differs from the policy of Indian politics? Is it a fitting politics for Indians with different religions, caste and creed?

    Can the intelligent members highlight this spiritual politics of a cine star who believes in Baba's and Sanyasis that we never heard anywhere in the world?
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    I have no idea about spiritual politics. Probably he may be talking about ethics and values in politics. He may be saying that he wanted to maintain flawless and clean politics. Generally the word spirituality is some thing related to God and God worship. So he may be trying to say that his politics will be good and pious.
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    Politics and spirituality can't be brought under the same umbrella, especially in today's India. So, in my opinion, spiritual politics is a utopian concept.
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    Spiritual Politics, I had heard without knowing the meaning, spending a few minutes on the net, I found a book. Spiritual Politics: Changing the world from the inside out by Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson.
    In simple terms, spirituality influences most of the government's work and policies. The answer to some of the political ills we see today lies in the concept of spiritualism. This can change the world. Perhaps, reading this book would give us more information.

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    We understand super star Rajnikanth is the ardent follower of Guru Raghavendra and he often visits those temples. Even in one of the film he highlighted some spiritual power inherited from his guru in Himalayas. Yesterday only I came across a news that he is going to Himalayas to seek the blessings of the guru and then plunge into politics in full time. We are not discussing his personal matter here but how far his spiritual politics is going to help his real time politics in future. That means for taking every major decision he would consult his guru at Himalayas and then take decision. That would be cumbersome effort every time. One thing is sure, he has strong fan base but does not have the right advisers and hence banking heavily on spiritual side to get the right advise from the guru and others.
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    Spirituality is the understanding of yourself. Knowing the spirit/soul of you. But over the years in India spirituality became associated with Paramatma from Upanishads.
    Now spirituality would just mean secularism.
    But spirituality talks about an individual,whatever your definition of it maybe, not about a nation collectively.
    So we can't really correlate it with politics because politics is the "laws made for citizens" and a politician is a "law maker".
    To be honest, spirituality doesn't even believe in rules. To be one with the universe you need to break down the rules.
    So an association between spirituality and politics isn't very successful.
    I mean, politics is all about material things. A spiritual man has no use of material world.

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    I heard a new word in politics - 'developmental politics' from our visionary leader Shri Abdul Kalam. According to him there should be competition in politics among various leaders and parties to develop their region and to achieve this milestone one should set targets to himself just like in other fields. He felt that such developmental politics only would improve the decorum of the political leaders and political parties and everyone would get interest to enter political arena as a profession.

    Now this legendary actor Rajanikant has thrown a new word - 'Spiritual politics'. Spiritual line of thinking would keep us healthy and resolve the issues with a peaceful mind. The God fearing mentality would keep you away from unlawful activities and the concept of Yoga also falls part of this. Perhaps, he could have linked this kind of spiritual thinking to politics just as the developmental politics and hope this idea would generate new leaders in Indian politics.


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    Mr. Rajni should have thought well before uttering the word 'Spiritual Politics'. He could have said it as 'New Politics' or 'Clean Politics' or 'True Politics' or ' Improved Politics' or 'Altered Politics' or 'Specialised Politics' or Attractive Politics' etc. which would have sounded and looked nice to the public.
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    Spiritual politics would mean to adopt a path by the leaders which would promote the welfare of the entire mankind and where cast - politics would not have any place. All needy children should have right for education and to chalk out strategies so as to alleviate the dreaded dies ease from the society and at the same time, there should be massive employments of the people in order to uplift of their standards. Hence the spiritual politics should enlist the problems with which the society is burdened and sort out the issues amicably for the overhaul growth of the society.

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    I have not heard about spiritual politics so far though I have read about 'babas' like Asaram and Ram Rahim who have cheated the gullible followers in the name of spirituality. There appears one thing common between a politician and a fake baba that both depend on their followers. They do anything to mesmerise their followers in such a manner that they become prepared to do anything including mourning their deaths like the demise of their own mother/father.

    None other than George Bernard Shaw had once said "politics is the last resort for the scoundrel".

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