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    Hey, I am new to this family. Can you give me some tips.

    I am new to this site and I would to love to hear from you.
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    Hi Vinod, welcome to the site.

    It is primarily a learn and earn educational site.

    It has different sections:
    Forum discussion: forum
    where people can register themselves and involve in various discussions in their forum section. It is active and people will get various input on current affairs by following this forum section of ISC. Contests, updates and site news are announced here.

    Ask expert: Ask expert
    This has career guidance section, where students can post their doubts and get it cleared by experts. Kindly check out the existing queries and experts' reply to them. Students can post many other queries in related sections like Health, Doctors, Education etc and get benefited.

    Publish your Articles: Get detailed information on a topic from article section. Also post your detailed findings/ thoughts in an article format to this site and get it published. Resources

    Aptitude tests: This site provides free online model examinations. Those who are preparing for various interviews can practice models tests with this link. Practice tests

    Jobs: This site also provides various information about the recruitment across the country Jobs

    Improve English: Anybody looking for improvement in their English can get benefited with this link English

    This site is not just a one way communication. If you find any information is wrong or inadequate, you are always welcome to give the correction and you will be rewarded for the same. Check schools, colleges and my India sections for your understanding.

    Photograhy: This site also gives space for your photography skill and your description for the same. you can add photos and get rewarded. How can I upload photos in photo gallery?

    Earn from this site: This site provides cash credits to its contributors. Check the link for the awards and rewards provided by the site. Ongoing Awards and Rewards

    Why do I recommend. It is a manually regulated site. Editors and team members are active. So, no abusive language is used in any part of this site. Also, proper guidance will be given in short notice.

    Additional informations regarding earnings and payments from this site.
    How much do you pay for writing

    How much one can earn from ISC ?

    Best wishes to get benefited from this site.

    Sri Vetri
    Spread Positivism

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    Warm welcome to this site, and you have taken the right decision by joining this discussion platform of this great International site. You are now part of over nine lakh members spread across the world who are exchanging their views on every issues, raising their own matter of interest and getting clarified and hence providing immense food for thought for those who have the niche to be in public expressing their own way of arriving at conclusions on different matters and thus those members who can prove their creative writing and respond with out of box thoughts, the site rewards and awards them frequently. So what I mean to say that you are not going to waste time unlike other social media where there is no income. Here some decent income is assured for those who are regular contributors and have the niche to create own self written articles on many issues. Come join the money spinning activity with right earnest, right now.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Welcome to the site Mr. Vinod, the first reply by Srimathi Ji, explains aptly the site.

    Whatever you post should not become personal and insensitive, it should not border fanatism in a way that it hurts the sentiments of a community or caste or gender.

    If you are using any facts, figures or important information for your forum thread, please have a link to the reliable source handy. The contents of your contribution should be original (including pictures), borrowing material from other sites is strictly monitored particularly in the article section.

    Forum threads beyond 10 days should not be pulled up and replied, Duplicate threads would also be scrutinized by the editors and locked if there is no new information.

    Lastly in the forum, members would post threads about their concerns, grievances or complaints (related to delays, deletion or payment), usually one of the editors reply for this. Some senior members who know the site and its policies very well would answer. Just adding a reply based on assumptions and general thoughts would invite a reduction in the points for your reply.

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    Mr. Vino Kumar, welcome to the best education site of the world. I will suggest you read this thread of Webmaster Mr. Tony John before starting a new journey at ISC. If you need any help then these help topics will really help you.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    Welcome to you for this earn while you learn site which is the best education site of India. As a member, you will have an excellent time on this site.
    Before starting your Journey I advise you to read all the help topics first to get an understanding of the site and its usefulness. This will educate you regarding the rules and regulations of the site. At the same time if you see the forum section and Articles section initial threads and articles you will understand all the ways and means for postings and using the site. You can start by posting threads in this section. You can also read the postings of other authors and as a response, you can give your ideas and opinions on the topic. You can also go through the Ask Expert section and if you know the answers to the questions you can place your answer as a response to that question. You even can ask questions if you have any so that other members may answer your doubts.
    A very important point to note is PLEASE DON'T PULL THREADS WHICH ARE OLDER THAN 10 DAYS. It is not allowed to answer the threads which are placed before 10 days.
    I wish you a very happy and rewarding experience on this site.

    always confident

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