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    How to increase vocabulary?

    How can I increase my vocabulary? I have tried many times to learn new words, but I forget them after some time.
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    Those who want to converse and write in English, it is essential to increase the vocabulary systematically so that we should not feel the pressure and at the same time would be adding new words to the kitty. First start with two letters alphabets and build the vocabulary like do, it, be, to, etc. Then go for the three letters formations like. and, bad, cut, etc, then go for four letter words formation. Like that build your own dictionary and keep on increasing the words. Once you know the words, then start forming sentences on your own and check for its correctness with others. But remember all those new words by practising daily for at least 5 to 10 times. English is such a wonderful language that one would get good hold of it by mere practising no matter you fault in many occasions, but never mind and proceed to get total control over the language in conversing and writing.
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    ISC has a separate section to learn English and to improve vocabulary. Click here English
    Try to understand the meaning and see it's usage. Try to use it immediately in any conversation and repeat it now and then in mail etc. Initially, it may be hard, but practice makes everything simpler.

    Try contributing your views in forum section, add your newly learnt English words in relevant place. Once you get to know its usage, you will not forget it. All the best.

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    Vocabulary building requires the systematic and continuous effort of learning new words.

    The most important point in this pursuit is that the new words learned are to be used frequently either by talking or by writing so that they can remain in our mind as a permanent impression.

    Repetition and frequency are the keys to success and this is true not only for the English language but any language of the world.

    The best way is to use these new words in forum posts or articles as much as possible. Learning and understanding new words and phrases have no significance if we can not use them in our writing or communications.

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    There are many discussion at ISC itself in the past about how to improve vocabulary. Apart from the above suggestions please check the links below for practical advise.

    How to increase vocabulary?
    What do you do to enhance your vocabulary?.
    How to improve English vocabulary.

    Conversing in English with people who have a good command over the language regularly builds up your confidence and vocabulary also.
    How to improve communication skills in English.

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    As already stated by other Members of ISC, the subject of improving vocabulary has been discussed many a time. I feel that everyone should try to write correct and simple sentences with no mistake in verbs, tenses or in spelling. At the same time, he/she must learn new words and their meaning. But more important is learning the usage of new words. We must memorise new words along with the sentences where those words are used. If we remember those sentences, the usage can be easily understood.
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    There are many ways to improve your vocabulary. Some important tips are as follows:
    1. Read English Newspaper and magazine on regular basis.
    2. Do not hesitate to refer dictionary whenever needed. make dictionary your good friend.
    3. Watch English movies and News to learn new words.
    4. I will suggest you purchase a good book "Word Power Made Easy" authored by Norman Lewis. This book will really help you to enhance vocabulary. I like this book very much. You can purchase this book online from any reputed site like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, etc.
    5. Be active in the forum section of ISC to improve vocabulary. Read the thread and responses and try to find new words.
    Above tips will really help you.

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    To increase your knowledge of English and improve your skills on this subject there are some points which are to be followed. These points are true not only for English but for other languages also.
    1. Read good standard English newspapers and keep a dictionary with you. You read to learn the language but not the news. You read slowly and if you come across any new word please see the meaning from the dictionary and try to make one or two sentences using that word. Then you will not forget that word. If you still want you can note down and try to use as and when a chance comes for you to use that word.
    2. Try to converse in English only with your colleagues, friends and family members. It will help you to improve your oral skills.
    3. Try to understand the book you are reading and try to rewrite the same content with your known words and then get it corrected by spell check and grammar check on your computer. This will help you to improve your writing skills.
    4. Don't hesitate to talk thinking that you may do mistakes. Don't worry about mistakes. Slowly your problems will get rectified and your language will get improved.

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    If we are new to the certain language then be consistent & start reading words from the dictionary & at the same time study the children stories as these wouldn't be having more difficult or technical words & also watch English movies or news as well. Would be good if we could speak to our friends openly.

    The most importantly, stop hesitating & move on.

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    The most important point in this pursuit is that the new words learned are to be used frequently either by talking or by writing so that they can remain in our mind as a permanent impression.

    Repetition and frequency are the keys to success and this is true not only for the English language but any language of the world.

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    Reading English newspaper and watching English news will help you to learn new words faster. And try to use them in your conversation.

    One more idea is try to start a blog and write on the subjects you like and try to write by using different words. If you think of writing one thing, search for the synonyms that have a same meaning and use those words in your blog. This way you will learn new words daily and you will not forget them faster.


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    There are many ways to improve one's vocabulary. One good book way is reading dictionary of antonyms and synonyms, which teaches the correct usage of words. Directly dictionary can be read on daily basis till your vocabulary comes to the desired level. You should always refer or look for the meaning of new words while reading. While reading, find the difficult words trace their meanings. . Meaning can seen in google, hence learning process goes on.
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    It is a well settled axiom that practice makes one perfect. This universal truth applies more appropriately in the case of increasing one's vocabulary.

    Mugging up doesn't help in this case. Even reading reputed newspapers, watching English language news telecast in the television or conversing in English will not prove adequate. You have to practice it in writing. The more you use a newly learned English word in written accounts, the more it will become easier to retain the word in your memory.

    Therefore, the 'mantra' is 'practice, practice and practice through writing, writing and writing'.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    There are many ways to improve vocabulary terms.Vocabulary helps you learn new words, play games that improve your vocabulary, and explore language. Even i have used "Digital teacher vocabulary builder" and it is very easy to learn from here.

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    The simple and effective method to increase the vocabulary is to READ and READ. Always read new books, newspapers and watch Engish movies without sub-title. Practice makes man perfect.
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    The best way to improve Englsh would be to have regular reading habits of the books written by the prominent writers and the other option is to go through the leading English - news papers published by the eminent houses. The editorials of such newspapers can give one valuable insights of the latest developments apart from the correct usage of the words in the scenarios being dealt with. Of course, correctness of the words, appropriate syntax and a write - up without having any deviation with grammatical- errors reflect the personalities of the writer and at the same time, we could learn to what extent one has taken pain in attaining perfection in the language. Needless to say, over - influence with such writers may impede one's learning process. The words are to be practised in their own ways and having any consideration for the errors one might commit during such process. With a regularity in such effort, effectiveness can be achieved.

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    that's great that you are working on your vocabulary, it is very important to learn English if you really want to work on your English you have to read English newspaper loudly so you can pronounce clear and your reading speed also increases. now the second option listen to English news so your listening power also increases, try to talk to with others in English listen to your favorite English songs so you can easily catch the words, you can also prefer a novel
    as I also weak in English I have also don't remember new words difficult words but I am working on it by watching the news, listening music and reading novels and google their meanings so it can easy for me to remember those words.

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