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    Let us have some brain work for fun and joy

    Attached is a figure containing triangles and squares. You need to find out how many triangles and how many squares are present in the figure.

    Let your brain work. The fast and first all correct answer will be awarded.

    triangles and squares
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    10 squares and 40 triangles.
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    Good brain teaser Mr.SuN. The figure has 10 squares of which 6 squares have an equal number of 8 triangles each. That gives us 48 squares. The 4 smaller squares have an equal number of 2 triangles each, that comes to 8. So, total 56 triangles and 10 squares.

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    Is it only by counting or any formula is there. I counted 10 squares and 56 triangles. This figure I got by counting the number by seeing the figure. If there is any formula please let us know.
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    From my side I could spot 10 squares and 20 triangles clearly and it may be more as I am not able to spend more time starring at the drawing. Any way best of luck for the correct counting by other members.
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    Just now I have seen this thread. This type of puzzle was once my favourite. Mr. Natarjan and Dr. Rao have already given the correct answer.
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    Mr. Natarajan's brain worked faster to get 10 squares and 56 triangles. He receives the special gift from ISC's virtual gift shop. Members may join me to congratulate Mr. Natarajan.

    Well done Mr. Natarajan. Keep it up.

    @ Mohan's response is not appreciated. He has wasted his little time to count the squares and triangles. Should have remained quiet if he cannot spare his time to find the answer.

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    Thanks a lot, Mr.SuN, got your virtual gift. I counted them physically, any other way to approach these kinds of puzzles?

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    Congratulations Natarajan for winning the virtual gift from Sun by solving the brain teaser puzzle first!
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