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    What is the exact translation of the word 'khanquah'?

    I first heard the word when I visited 'hijron ki khanquah' in Mehrauli area of Delhi. It is actually a place where graves of seven eunuchs are located. I earlier thought that the word is an Urdu word. Later I came to know that the word is Persian. But I don't fully understand the exact implication/significance of this word. Some people say that this word means spiritual abode. Some people say that this means a place which provides a peaceful environment.

    I would like to know what is the meaning of this word? Can any Member help me to understand the exact meaning of this word and in what context, is iit used?
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    The spellings of other language words have variation in English and exact spelling is always a concern.

    The nearest similar which I could get are -
    1. Khaqan - which means great king.
    2. Kahquah - which means sense of order or discipline.

    Does any of above fit in the situation you described in your post?

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    Unfortunately no, Mr. Umesh. I know the words which you have mentioned, but 'khanquah' is a different word.
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    What I feel that the word asking would be Khankahn and the meaning of that is godfather. May be the eunuchs have been the trend setter in their life and hence got that name.
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    A Kahnqah or Khaniqah is used to describe a place for gatherings for a spiritual retreat. The term khanqah and dargah are both used for Sufi shrines in South Asia. It is also used as a place for character reformation or as a hospice for Sufi travelers. (wikipedia). So, it sounds like a place for relaxation, meditation or introspection and connect spiritually. As we know, the eunuchs in olden days were held in high regard by the Kings, often being part of their inner circle.

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    Thanks, Mr. Natarajan for the explanation. Is there any other reference except Wikipedia?
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    There is one article about Sufi legends in Delhi, this also eludes to kahnaqah. Mr.Partha, I think, if your drop the u from your lettering, you'll find some more references.

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