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    Life prolonged in a vegetative state vs Life with dignity

    We all pray and hope to be healthy and our loved ones do not suffer. Yet, at times our worst fears come true and we find the same happening.

    Seeing a loved one in a comatose state, hooked up to life-prolonging machines is an emotional trauma to us. Yes, the monitors would bee, the heart would have its rhythm. But is that what really our father, mother, grand-parents etc wanted. Not aware of their surroundings, not aware when they emptied their bladder or bowel, at times restless and tied down to the bed.

    Some families would want life to be prolonged at any cost, some would not like to see their loved ones suffer without any quality or dignity, moreover, even the person in the hospital bed would not have wanted it.

    In Western countries, there are very clear guidelines so that family and the treating doctors are not harassed legally later on by another family member etc.

    Yesterday, the honorable SC ruled that yes, an individual can draw up an advance medical directive. This means, in case the person suffers an illness and is in a persistent vegetative state without any hopes of recovery and dignity, they can choose not to have such care and can be allowed to peacefully leave the world with dignity. This is a good step forward in Indian healthcare.

    Now, there would be many clauses that need to be fulfilled by all concerned. Would you support this ? or do you think that we do not have the right to end our lives in such situations?.

    Let's discuss the emotional, ethical, moral and financial implications of both.
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    I am studying the judgement given by the five-Judge bench headed by the CJI Mishra. Prima-facie, all the five Judges have supported the right to die with dignity. I will submit my detailed comment later. I feel the judgement should be welcomed but adequate precaution must be made to ensure prevention of misuse.
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    I support the judgment of the Supreme Court of India. As it is the living will of the patient that counts for passive euthanasia, there should not be any objection as long as the living will is not made under coercion. In the case of Alzheimer's patients also, I suggest that they should be admitted to a home which takes care of such patients. It is a terminal disease and will spoil the physical and mental health of the family members looking after them.

    I wish to bring out a sinister practice which was followed till recently in some of the villages of the southern districts of Tamil Nadu. This practice called "Thalaikoothal" is an involuntary euthanasia, where senicide (killing of the elderly people) is deliberately conducted by their own family members. The elderly people of the family who are terminally ill were killed by giving a prolonged oil bath early in the morning and afterward made to drink a lot of coconut water. This results in the death of the person in one or two days. They have much more methods to do this which are disgusting. This is an illegal practice which somehow found acceptance in their society.

    Ms. Pramila Krishnan, a young lady journalist with"Deccan Herald' came to know about this. She went there in the guise of a research scholar and gathered the information by interviewing the members of the family who committed this "Thalaikoothal". She reported the matter to the officials and started an agitation to stop this practice. The administration woke up to take action against such practice and ordered that all the deaths be enquired. I hope this practice came to an end with the intervention of the administration.

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