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    Head Matters - Photo story contest

    [This entry wins a runner-up prize of Rs.200/- for the photo story contest.]

    "My God…this is intimidating" was the first thought Ayyapan had when he entered the city's famous sportswear shop which showcased sportswear and tear of all sizes and varieties. Right from the centralized air conditioning, to the well-mannered personnel shop assistant, everything about the shop frightened Ayyapan.
    "Yes sir, how may I assist you" enquired the groomed shop assistant. Ayyapan did not reply immediately but kept staring.
    "You need helmets sir?" enquired the impatient assistant again, with a little scorn. Ayyapan simply nodded. Given Ayyapan's uncombed hair, tanned face and cheap clothes, the assistant with years of practice at disposal, picked some cheap helmets and displayed them on the table.
    Ayyapan did not have a specific brand or requirement in mind for he is unaware of all such things.
    "Something with good quality…"was the only sentence he spoke to the assistant. The assistant was really irritated by this simpleton. "All are good quality saab. We sell only quality products" replied the assistant.
    "let me show picture…"said Ayyapan after half an hour of futile attempts. He rummaged his old handbag and produced a picture of a teenage boy riding a bicycle. The cycle was green in color and looked very posh and expensive. Ayyapan noticed that the assistant was impressed but wondered whether it is the cycle or the boy which impressed him.
    "This helmet is 400, this one is 480, See we have the same green color to match the motor cycle. Your son will like it.", the assistant implied.
    The shop's manager who was witnessing all this from a distance approached Ayyapan. He pushed all the cheap helmets aside and picked some heavy metal types and displayed on the counter. The assistant said in a meeky voice, "Sir these are the branded ones. He may not be able to afford them. That's why I did not show him these." The manager did not answer the assistant immediately. He displayed a variety of branded helmets and hand and leg pads.
    "Your son may need these too sir." Said the manager with a smile for which Ayyapan merely nodded. He didn't know how to thank the manager for his timely inrusion. He just mumbled, "Son has got this job. As part-time delivery boy…the company has given just the cycle but not helmet and safety gears…" Said Ayyapan.
    "True sir…I can understand. After all, than a posh cycle, a good safety gear is much needed for the job. With the speeds these bikes zoom past us, one cannot be careless…" Ayyapan thanked the manager and left the shop with the purchase in his hands and content in his heart.

    Entry to "Photo Story Contest"
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    WoW! The badge-winning, talented author has returned after a long interval with a beautiful story. I am very impressed. But only one small thing I would like to point out. Is the story within the prescribed word-limit? The author may kindly check and if it more than the prescribed upper-limit, she may like to edit it.
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    Hi Partha Sir...

    Happy u liked it.....the word limit is "not more than 500".(438 infact)....I checked...

    Thank u so much for the comment and concern sir....Have a good day...

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    A good story with a different concept. Father purchasing helmet, leg and hand pads for his son keeping the safety of the while going on a bicycle is very good. But I am not able to understand why there is a difference in understanding of the customer between the sales boy and the manager.
    always confident

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    First of all welcome back to the site after long absent and this photo contest story was well thought and presented altogether different way from the own think tank of the author. Great writing.
    K Mohan
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    Aruna K,
    A good story from you giving importance to the helmet for the riders. A well narrated story that I enjoyed reading. For a rider, the head matters lot, and also other parts. But in this photo many thing that matters.

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    A good story for the green bicycle. The story also brings out the truth about how people perceive and are perceived. In a mall or a branded showroom, the sales team often look at the potential customer and decide what he or she can afford. At the same time, simple folks who are not used to fanfare and sophistication are lost for words when they are in a new place. This is brought out well by the author between the assistant and Ayappan. The manager, whose likely to be a mature person treats Ayappan like a true customer.

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