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    The Much Adorable Green Bicycle Toy

    Rohan, a student of class VI was an all-rounder in his school. He was not only good in academics, but he was also good in sports. Rohan belonged to a poor family. His father could barely earn bread for a day.

    On his way to school, there was a footpath on which there was a toy vendor. Every day while going to school, Rohan would stop near the toy shop and had a look at the different types of toys. From childhood, Rohan had a great fascination towards toys. He loves playing with toys, but he never demanded one from his father.

    One day, when Rohan was passing through the toy vendor, he saw a very attractive green bicycle toy. The toy was so attractive that he could not resist himself from buying it. He walked near to the toy vendor and asked about the price of the toy bicycle. The toy hawker told that it will cost him Rs. 200.

    The moment, Rohan saw the green bicycle toy, he made up his mind to get the toy. The cycle and the cyclist were all painted in a very attractive green color. There was a helmet on the cyclist's head, he was wearing specs and had a backpack. There was also a small suitcase attached at the back of the cycle.

    Rohan wanted the toy by any means. He could not ask from his father because he knew that his father would be unable to afford such a huge amount for this toy. So, he decided to work somewhere by which he can fulfill his desire. He had some time left before going to school. So, he decided to distribute newspapers. He would be getting Rs. 250 for a month for distributing newspapers. So, it was enough for him to purchase the toy.

    Rohan worked for full one month distributing newspapers. He got the money by which he can now purchase the toy bicycle. He was very happy as his dream was going to be fulfilled. But when he reached the toy store to purchase the toy cycle he couldn't see it. He asked the toy hawker about the green toy cycle. The hawker told that it got sold that early morning. Rohan became very disappointed by hearing that the toy which he adored so much was sold.

    That day, there was a running competition in his school. Rohan was good in sports so he decided to take part in it. Rohan got the first prize in running competition. Though he won the first prize, but he was not that happy. When Rohan came home and opened the packet, he was amazed to see the same green toy bicycle which he adored so much. Rohan jumped with joy and played whole day long with the green toy bicycle.

    This is an entry to the Photo Story Contest
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    I really liked and loved your good story. A simple and well narrated toy story. well done.
    No life without Sun

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    The concept is good. It is common that everybody will say if the desire is very strong the wish will be fulfilled. This concept is proved by this story. He wanted the toy and desired very strongly to get it. He worked hard without giving any pain to his father. But the destiny is different. The boy is destined to get that toy in another way. So he got it as a gift for his talent and his hard work made him richer by Rs.250/_. Very nice story and impressive.
    always confident

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    A nice narration in simple language, extolling the good virtues that children have. Desiring something and finding means to achieve it by themselves is the moral that I liked in this story.

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