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    Will you allow a Euthanasia in your family

    It is a straight question from me. This was agitating me for past many years as I had witnessed a few cases around me and was debating with myself. Now that the Supreme Court judgement has come I feel it is relevant to have it in open.

    A decade ago at least, in one case of a close relative, the doctors and hospital authorities advised the patient's family-(where I was also present) to avoid the huge expenses incurred to keep the patient under life sustaining treatment as there is absolutely no chance of recovery and coming back. The practical advise was that instead of wasting the money let it become useful for the sure-to-be-bereaved family and children. However the whole family stood that let the patient get all the support under medical system possible and do not want to feel guilty or regret of not trying every possible way. Of course destiny had it and the inevitable happened .

    Suppose there is a case (God Forbid that) in your family wherein you have to take a decision , will you allow a euthanasia for the suffering patient?

    I know this will definitely prick us at many points inside us. But by and by, if the pain and sentiments disappear and human practicality, short cuts and greed appear, what will happen? A point to ponder also.

    (Note: I saw another thread in the same matter. But in this thread I give focus to the sentiments and human emotions and attachments rather than the legal points.)
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    First, let me make it clear that for passive euthanasia, it is the consent of the patient in his living will that counts but not the other members of the family. I will allow passive euthanasia if it becomes necessary and if the patient so wishes in his living will. If a seriously ill person without any hope of recovering wants to die with dignity, it should be accepted. There is no point of extending the misery of the terminally ill person. The advancements in the medical field can clearly indicate the possibilities of a patient recovering or not and if he recovers to what extent can be assessed. The patient suffers mentally and physically in the case of prolonged illness without having any hope of fully recovering. The monetary burden in the majority of the cases also becomes a point to be considered. Apart from the patient, the people who are looking after will also suffer mentally and physically. This also weighs very much on the patient's mind. Sentiments will always be there. they have to be forgotten for the peace of mind of the patient.
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