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    Why BJP members and followers are not behaving sensibly with the public ?

    We all know that BJP party was respected for their core policies and stick to their principles come what may in the way. But off late we are finding the members of that party behaving rudely with the general public and yesterday a women BJP worker seen slapping a farmer of TN who went to a temple to distribute the pamphlet of their woes. Nothing wrong from farmers side to visit temple and distribute pamphlets and that women had done over action. Why the party cadre has change this much. Are they going head strong, having sensed win after win in each state ?
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    A real BJP leader who knows the parties methodology and principles completely will never behave like this. If you see many of the established leaders of BJP and their behaviour. No other party workers are not so disciplined. But these days many new people from other parties are joining in BJP and they may not be knowing the complete ideology of the Party. This is the main reason for these happenings. The BJP senior party members should plan for training classes to the newly inducted members so that they will understand the party well.
    As BJP is winning and forming governments in many states people who are interested to become politically active are coming and joining the party. As these people are not behaving formal training this may be having. Another aspect is that many members of other parties are also coming and joining this party. But their history is not been checked by the party. It is another reason for this type of behaviour I suppose.

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    I had this video forwarded this morning. On viewing it, it looks like an argument broke over between the farmer leader and the female BJP worker. She has slapped and shown her footwear. It's not clear what provoked her.

    Time and again, I have mentioned that any political party leader or worker should be very careful in today's world because it's so easy to record and quickly forward the images and videos like wild fire. They need to be toned down or the situation has to be defused quickly by the others around the leader or worker.

    This looks like an embarrassment for the party, in a day or two we will hear a statement from the BJP spokesperson about the female BJP worker being rusticated or warned. But, we cannot blame the party for all such wrongdoings of people at the lower level because the high command cannot assess all the workers. I think the regional leader should take the onus to rectify such inappropriate behavior.

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    Yes, I agree with the author. In our local area, many cases are found where BJP's local members do not behave well with the citizens. People like BJP but have the fear of these types of the local leaders who think themselves as PM after winning the election. MLA and MP have warned themselves many times but does not change in their behaviour.
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