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    Our “Bicycle uncle” has come

    [This entry wins a consolation prize of Rs.100/- for the photo story contest.]

    It was 11 am on Sunday morning and all adults and kids of the colony were out to the nearby playground.

    Kids said, "Mummy, when will bicycle uncle come?"

    The wait ended as Raju, a well dressed, rich looking middle-aged man zoomed in with his expensive looking green sports bicycle to the joy of parents and kids. Kids called him "Bicycle Uncle".

    Raju said, "So dear kids, how can I entertain you today? ". He even gave them chocolates.

    Kids said, "Bicycle Uncle, can you take us for a fast ride on your green bicycle."

    "Sure!" said Raju. Kids thoroughly enjoyed the ride on his bicycle.

    Then, he asked the adults if they needed any help?

    One lady said, "Can you please guide my child for his maths difficulties? He has exams tomorrow.

    "Sure, why not?" said Raju. He then did the needful.
    Finally, Raju said, "Goodbye! Now I have to go to other colonies also where there are people like you waiting for me."

    After his day's schedule in the town, Raju passed by the narrow muddy lanes to reach old colony of small and battered houses. He entered his house.

    His neighbour, Mr. Akash said, "Cycle mart person had come, asking for bicycle rent."

    Raju: "Oh! I will go right away and give him. Also, I need to return these new clothes I am wearing to Mr. Rakesh. I borrow them from him every Sunday."

    Mr. Akash asked curiously, " I don't understand why you take all this pain of moving around the town, entertaining kids and helping people out investing your Sunday holiday on it every week?"

    Raju: "You know after the tragic death of my wife and son in an accident I felt lonely and was engulfed in sadness. I realized sorrow is such a miserable thing. That's when I started this."
    "Making the kids happy, helping people and bringing smiles on their faces gives me immense satisfaction and reduces my sorrow. I feel at least I am spreading joy everywhere."

    Mr. Akash: (looking spellbound)" But why this pomp and show of renting an expensive green sports bicycle and borrowing new clothes? "
    "You can also use your normal clothes and old bicycle which you take to your office."

    Raju: " I know I am a poor person who works as a peon in a small office. But if people realize this by my appearance they will start showing sympathy towards me."
    "They may start giving me money for my favours to them. I don't want to do this to gather sympathy. This will surely spoil the fun they are having currently."

    Mr. Akash: "But why of all colours you rented this bright green color bicycle?

    Raju: "Well green colour I feel reflects progress and the positive outcomes in the life.
    What happened Mr. Akash? You look emotional."

    Mr. Akash : (with tears in eyes), " Nothing. I was wondering, do people like you still exist on the earth?"

    Entry for Photo Story Contest
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    A good story. A poor boy who last his wife and son is trying make the kids happy and helping the needy without expecting anything in return. He is enjoying his life by helping the people and trying to enjoy his life. He is very content in his life and happy with whatever he has and trying to be very prompt in paying his dues to the people who supplied him the costumes required. A great story with a lot of morals.
    always confident

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    A really touching story which bring tears to my eyes. In personal life all of us are busy with our problems and we cry in our personal griefs. But there are also people like Raju who are trying to make people happy without thinking about his own problems.

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    There are people who work and give service for others and this photo contest entry also depicts the same sentiment. The author has taught a good moral in this contribution.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A nice story and use of the bicycle. Liked the concept of helping others to overcome loneliness and the thought of not promoting sympathy. Many acts that we do is often out of sympathy to strangers(beggars, physically challenged) and some although poor do not want our sympathy as it robs them of their dignity.

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