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    Now Reserved rail tickets can be transferred

    The Indian Railway has now extended the facility of transferring reserved railway tickets to others in case the person who is having the reservation is not able to travel. The railway has announced the procedures to be followed for this in one of their notification. Now if the passenger can't travel, he can get it transferred by applying to the Chief Station Supervisor of some important railway stations. This is to be done 24 hours before the time of travel. An individual can avail this facility once in a year and in a group reservation, 10% of the tickets can be transferred. A traveller can transfer his reserved ticket to his family members namely parents, brother or sister, children and wife. if it is a marriage group, the individual can get it changed to any other person approved by the chief of that group. A government employee can change it to any other person. A student can change to any other student of his college with an approval of the college or school head,
    A good facility by railway.
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    I think it is a practical move. I have seen that in many cases when a person/persons could not undertake the journey due to some emergency or some official work. If such passenger(s) can transfer the ticket(s) to another needy person, it would really help both. But Government/Railways must be very careful to ensure that the middlemen, etc. don't take undue advantage of this provision in future.
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    A welcome decision by the Railway authorities. It will ease the worry of the passenger. But it should not become a business to misuse and earn some cash by transferring the tickets. It should be strictly followed, and the Chief Station Master should scrutinize the change of reserved ticket properly and approve it. However, there will be some loopholes in this system.There is every chance for the indecent and corrupt Railway authorities might involve in malpractices with the ticket booking agencies. Who will monitor this?

    How to ensure that the ticket is transferred only to the other family members? It will go on to relatives....then friends...and finally to the public.

    There are chances for the system to go corrupt.

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    For the first time the Railways has thought about a scheme which is really the passenger friendly. Many a time when group bookings are done for attending marriages and functions, there are every chance of a passenger getting opting out for obvious reasons, and thus we were forgoing that ticket and the passenger was not travelling. The other day when four out of sisters were travelling to Chennai for marriage and one was not getting the leave. But before the penultimate day, the leave was sanctioned but by that time the reservation was full and she could not be taken along. Now with this new rules, such arrangements can be made where one can drop and other can be taken along. But Railways must ensure that touts should not book the tickets and then transfer the same on commission basis. There must be more transparency.
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    I think it is a very good move by the Railways and it will benefit people especially in a time of holidays and festival and in a lot of cases there are a sudden change in one's program of the journey and one is forced to cancel the ticket.

    Now, this is a good alternative which railway has provided to the passengers. Railway has already announced that this facility will be availed by passengers not more than once in a year so there are minimal chances of misusing this facility.

    In fact, such moves create good governance in the system and public and the customers are happy with such user-friendly gestures.

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    I think this facility was first introduced by the railways in the year 2011 i.e. about 7 years ago.

    Generally, the reservation clerks are not authorised to have the access and privilege to make changes in confirmed tickets. Instead such power is delegated to the Chief Reservation Supervisors who can make changes in the computer database and transfer the ticket in the name of transferee according to the details mentioned in the application. In the hardcopy of the ticket, changes/corrections are made manually and handed over to the passenger. The changes reflect in the reservation charts also. However, a new ticket is not issued.

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    Good move by Railways to help the people. There are times when we book and cannot undertake the journey. I think instead of once a year, they should allow in based on a ratio of the number of valid bookings done by a person/6 months. Touts would still exploit the system but the customer would be benefitted hence improving the image of Indian Railways. If it has been there since 2011, why is this being reported in most newspapers?

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    Good one & good initiative by the Railways.

    One of the benefits of such platforms is that this also contributes to the current happenings along with the latest updates that is taking place around us.

    The current discussion is that, "If you are holding a confirmed reservation ticket and for some reasons you cannot travel or have a change in plans, you can transfer it to another person or your family member". In order avail this facility a certain guidelines have been released by the authorities of the Indian Railways. Government officials can transfer to other government officials while the students can transfer ticket to other students.

    A few of the authors have shown doubt that this may lead to corruption as the tickets may result in the transferring to some wrong recipients then in context to this I would like to add that wherein this transfer of ticket is going to happen, the application needs to be submitted at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled departure of the train to chief reservation supervisor with ID proof.

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    Summer vacations are coming and already many people would have done group booking for the entire family to some destinations. And last minute changes are now possible with new rules.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I read this news yesterday and I welcome this move of the government. It will really be beneficial to many people.
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