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    Don't get consumed by wealth.

    Money is important in our life. But we are not living to earn money. Don't think that we will earn today and we will enjoy tomorrow. We don't know whether we have tomorrow or not.
    1. Sridevi a 54 old actress with an excellent track record, with a happy family and with no health issues acted in more than 300 movies. Now she is no more.
    2. The Managing Director and Chairman of Raymonds who was worth 12000 crores is now living in a rented house and earning for his livelihood. His son has snatched all the wealth he earned.
    3.Michael Schumacher one of the greatest drivers of Formula 1 is fighting for his life. His wife sold all the properties for his treatment.
    So, we don't what is tomorrow for us. Enjoyed today with your family. In the end, they only will be with you.
    Money is required for spending but you shouldn't get expended by it.
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    The thread is the eye opener to those who have enough money and yet run after making wealth as if they are going to stay here for long and permanently. Though there is a need for saving for future and that should not be more. Live the life with content attitude, never run after money. Earn decent amount to live and enjoy so that you should not strive for the money. And those who have boasted of wealth, have tasted their worst death with no one to look after even their dead body. So while in life, earn for living and help others who need the money and reach out to those who need your presence.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The human life is enigmatic. There are many things which are not yet fully understood. One of such factors is called Luck. If something happens which is beyond the logical explanation of the humans based on their existing knowledge, it is ascribed to the luck factor. Death is also one such factor. The fate of Sridevi is no exception.

    I agree that the whole life should not be sacrificed on the altar of earning money but at the same time money plays a very crucial role in maintaining social relations. Almost all persons who can afford, spend money in medical treatment at the fag end of the life though in vain. The end result always remains the same. However, in case the individual is rich then his/her family members spend at least a part of wealth to be inherited. On the contrary, in case of poor persons, the family members generally find themselves not in a position to do much.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I don't think it would be correct to say that making money is bad. But making money and stocking the same should not be your sole or primary aim and you must also ensure that you don't fall for the greed of money.

    I think one should live life to the fullest. It is not that a long period and one should plan and execute his life in such a way that you cherish each moment of life. You should love your job and the family and spend required and fruitful time with both and ensure that you keep some me-time too. Have good food (food which you enjoy), enjoy your hobbies, go for some outings in between, take care of your health and do consult your physician as and when required and follow his advice and so on and so forth. This will ensure that you make use of the money in a proper way and you save enough for the future too. Living like a miser and spending/ saving everything for your children does not seem to be a really practical option as of now.

    So, making money is not all that bad but don't be after it and forget to 'live' your life. What will happen tomorrow cannot be predicted, so let us live the moment we are in.

    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    In India we talked much about of "MAYA".

    Although we all know that our countdown has already begun the time we were born but still we are managed by the "MAYA". The time we feel that we now have that much that we required once gets extended & this continues till our last breadth.

    Till we are into this affairs of this world we continue to be occupied by this MAYA. Actually we can't do anything. The person who got no money wants few. As the person got few money then he intends for more & if the person have more money then he plans for even bigger.

    This is story of each of us that we never got satisfied & this has become in our blood.

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    A nice thread. One of the best good life quotes I've read is ' Live today like, there is no tomorrow'. Most of us need to earn a living and from that, we save some for our commitments. It's here that some people make the mistake of running behind it always, neglecting their lives and families.

    We need money, we can earn it in a legal and socially acceptable fashion. Once we start doing this, we need to plan the time we spending in earning and the time we spend in enjoying the money we earn.

    We need to spend time with children, family, have a holiday, take time out for ourselves to have a healthy mind and body and enjoy(within our limits) what life has to offer us.

    Lastly, life is so unpredictable, people who have a full life ahead to look for suddenly die, people who have everything often suffer in silence. People make so many mistakes in life and yet seem to have a good life while kind-hearted people are quickly called up by God. So, we have to live everyday in a meaningful way.

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