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    The evolution of Ecoman

    [This entry wins the third prize of Rs.150/- for the photo story contest.]

    God has created the nature so that humans and all other animals can live comfortably on our mother earth. When Lord Ganesha had visited our planet the last year, he realized that humans had almost destroyed the nature. God never expected this from humans. The lakes which are meant to use for cultivation and drinking water were destroyed and are now in a pathetic situation with floating garbage and plastics. The layer of ozone that he had created withstand the sun's UV rays had begun to deplete because of humans industrialized the planet at the cost of harming the nature. Mighty rivers where being polluted by factories making them and unsuitable for drinking.

    Lord Ganesha has begun to think the solution for this as humans where overwhelmingly polluting the mother earth making it unsuitable for themselves and as well as other living creatures. That's when he created a superpower named him Ecoman. He created him with a green coloured body to reflect the consciousness of nature's greenery so that humans would avoid cutting trees. He wore blue shorts and socks that reflected refreshing fresh water and his helmet has a glowing fire which is part of nature. He was made of all five elements of earth. He made the bicycle as a vehicle for him which was also coloured green so that it would encourage lazy humans to switch from their polluting cars to non-polluting, nature-friendly bicycles.

    Now, this Ecoman has superpowers he has dived into the earth atmosphere with his bicycle and opened the carry box that he carried with him where stocks of ozone were present. He used them to replenish the depleted ozone layer. Every night he cycled down past by roads automatically cleaning the roads by collecting garbage and placing them in garbage cans. Ecoman went through the depleted forest where he saw trees were cut down and the place seemed lifeless. He took out a flute from his backpack and started blowing it. The music emanating from playing flute created the life in the trees which were cut down and begin to grow once again. Carpets of green grass where laid along all the deserts when Ecoman cycled past by them and rivers and lakes where cleared off from garbage bringing back life into them.

    The Ecoman cycled all over the world to make this planet greener. Humans had now realized the harm they did for nature and importance of it after seeing the greener earth.They thanked Ecoman and promised him that they would never again pollute the earth. Ecoman was very happy after seeing this change and hoped that his need would never come again as humans had already realized the beauty in living along with nature rather than destroying it.

    This is the entry for the Photo story contest.
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    Probably this entry with different heading for the photo contest would be the winner as per my estimate. The author has gone into different version of saving the mother earth.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    An excellent fantasy story, many nature lovers and I would love this to come true. Ecoman like superman restoring all the destroyed forests, lakes and trees. A story worthy of the contest and I concur with Mohan sir.

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    It is a very imaginative piece of narration by the author and a very good story is emerged out from these efforts.

    The theme of green earth is splendid and conceiving the cycleman as an incarnation of lord Ganesha and rebuilding the spoilt environment is the attractive proposition.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The author's thought of green earth is excellent and one should really love this concept. We all should become the green coloured Ecoman. Then only the earth will continue to be a good place to live on. If we all spoil the greenery of the earth and wait for a green man to be created by God is not the solution. Each man should think the importance of Environment and should think how to sustain the green ecosystem on the earth.
    We all try to go and collect green leaves to offer our prayers to Lord Ganesh. The importance of these should be known to us at least in this concept. Why Lord Ganesh is to be worshipped with green leaves and why we should worship all Gods with flowers. This methodology itself gives us the knowledge of the importance of these nature protectors.

    always confident

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    A very good story written by the author and I appreciate his work for the green earth. I strongly believe this type of awareness is necessary to protect our earth otherwise life will not be possible on the earth in future. I think this entry is not for photo story contest. Since the author has not mentioned this at the last of the story. If he has written this story for the photo story contest, In my opinion, it will not be a valid entry. Please provide a clickable link at the last of the story to make it a valid entry.
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